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About the Linkages
Fourth World Conference on Women Website

These pages were last updated on 19 September 1995.

This page is maintained the International Institute for Sustainable Development, publishers of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and in particular by Kimo Goree, Barbara Ann O'Leary and Steve Wise. It is part of the Linkages World Wide Web server. It contains information on the recently concluded Fourth World Conference on Women (although we have links off to information on the NGO Forum)

Our financial sponsors for this page and the work of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin in Beijing were: The Pew Global Stewardship Initiative, UNIFEM; ACCT; Ford Foundation; the Earth Pledge Foundation (for the digital photography); the Canadian International Development Agency; The Rockefeller Foundation; UNFPA; UNEP; the Governments of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland; and the World Bank.

Note from Kimo: We have finished our coverage of this meeting. The team members are now back in New York, Paris (en route to Tunisia), Derry, up touring the Three Rivers Gorge, and visiting family in China. The response to our "real time" coverage of this event has been wonderful and the numbers of people who have connected to this site over the last two weeks is phenomenal.

Thank you for your support of our work and your kind feedback!

We have finished our summary issue and it is now available in ASCII and Portable Document Format.

Linkages is proud to announce that on-line registration is now open for those who are interested in participating in our new Virtual Policy Dialogue on the issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production. The objective of this on-line project will be to draft a submission to the 1996 session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development on this issue. The Virtual Policy Dialogue space will be opening the first week of October 1995.