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44th Session of the Commission on
the Status of Women (Beijing +5 PrepCom)
New York, 28 February - 17 March 2000

Highlights from Saturday, 11 March

Today, Working Group II met to continue negotiation of text on actions and initiative. Delegates discussed: paragraph 48 bis recognizing cultural diversity and the value of dalogue among civilizations in international cooperation to implement the Platform for Action; paragraph 49 on the importance of political will and commitment in ensuring the adoption and implementation of comprehensive, holistic and transformative policies in gender critical areas; paragraph 50 on non-discriminatory and gender-senstive legislative framework to ensure women's de jure equality; and paragraph 51bis on women's contribution to the welfare of the family and upbringing of children. The contact group on Section I (introduction) also met and discussed redraft text on the 12 critical areas for priority action to achieve the advancement and empowerment of women.  (Click here for proposed outcome document (E/CN.6/2000/L.1/Rev.1)

Working Group II Chair Bhattacharjee, India


The computer center

Abubakar Dungus, UNFPA (center), and G-77/China Chair for Working Group II (right)

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