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44th Session of the Commission on
the Status of Women (Beijing +5 PrepCom)
New York, 28 February - 17 March 2000

Panel Discussion: Women at the Peace Table

Piedad Cordoba, Colombia, Hanan Ashrawi, Palestine, and Mary Brownell, Liberia, shared their experiences on the process of getting to the peace table, overcoming obstacles and challenges, and influencing the process of peace negotiations, and the achievements generated through their efforts.


UNIFEM Executive Director Noeleen Heyzer introduces the panel and the UNIFEM publication "Women at the Peace Table." Referring to the few women in peace talks, she called for recommendations to the Secretary-General on increasing their participation.

For more information, visit the United Nations Development Fund for Women: www.unifem.undp.org

Hanan Ashrawi, Palestine

Ashrawi said women are working together to end violence and vengeance. She noted that women often support the perspective that true peace ends hostilities and guarantees basic human security.

Senator Peidad Cordoba, Colombia

She remarked that women have never been present at the peace table during Colombia's 40-year civil war. She also said women are expected to be victims, but societies cannot be democratic until women participate equally in all public forums.

Mary Brownell, Liberia

Recalling that women had suffered extensively in the Liberian civil war, she recounted that women had attended the peace negotiations without formal invitation and shared their experiences. She called for a culture of peace so women would not have to struggle to attend peace talks.

Hanan Ashrawi and Mary Brownell signing copies of the UNIFEM book on Women at the Peace Table

The room was filled to capacity for the event
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