Draft Platform for Action

47. In each critical area of concern, the problem is diagnosed and strategic objectives are proposed with concrete actions to be taken by various actors in order to achieve those objectives. The strategic objectives are derived from the critical areas of concern, and specific actions to be taken to achieve them cut across boundaries of equality, development and peace - the goals of the Nairobi Forward-looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women - and reflect their interdependence. The objectives and actions are interlinked, of high priority and mutually reinforcing. [The programme is intended to improve the condition of all women, irrespective of age, and, while recognizing the differences among women, it seeks to pay special attention to the groups of women that are at highest risk, as well as to rural, indigenous, disabled, refugee and displaced women.]

48. [The actions are directed towards improving the status and situation of all women and therefore recognize that many women face particular barriers because of such factors as their race, age, language, ethnicity, culture, religion, [sexual orientation,] or disability, or because they are indigenous people. Many women face barriers related to their family status, particularly as single parents to their socio-economic status, including their living conditions in rural or isolated areas and in impoverished areas in rural and urban environments, or to their status as immigrants. Particular barriers also exist for refugee, migrant and displaced women, as well as for those who are affected by environmental disasters, serious and infectious diseases, addiction and various forms of violence against women.]

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