Draft Platform for Action
D. Violence against women
Strategic objective D.3 Adopt special measures to eliminate trafficking in women and to assist female victims of violence due to prostitution and trafficking

Actions to be taken

131. By Governments of countries of origin, transit and destination, regional and international organizations, as appropriate:

(a) Consider the ratification and enforcement of international conventions on trafficking in persons and on slavery;

(b) Take appropriate measures to address the root factors, including external factors, that encourage trafficking in women and girls for prostitution, [other commercial sex work], forced marriages and forced labour in order to eliminate trafficking in women, including by strengthening existing legislation with a view to providing better protection of the rights of women and girls and to punishing the perpetrators, through both criminal and civil measures;

(c) Step up cooperation and concerted action by all relevant law enforcement authorities and institutions with a view to dismantling [national and international] networks in trafficking;

(d) [Allocate resources to provide comprehensive programmes designed [to heal victims of trafficking] including through job training, legal assistance and confidential health care] and take measures to cooperate with non-governmental organizations to provide for the social, medical and psychological care of the victims of trafficking;

(e) Develop educational and training programmes and policies and consider enacting legislation aimed at preventing sex tourism and trafficking, giving special emphasis to the protection of young women and children.

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