Draft Platform for Action
E. Advance peace, promote conflict resolution and reduce the impact of armed or other conflict on women
Strategic objective E.1. Increase and strengthen the participation of women in conflict resolution and decision-making and leadership in peace and security activities and protect women in armed and other conflicts [and living under foreign occupation]

Actions to be taken

144. By Governments and international and regional intergovernmental institutions:

(a) [Take action to establish a critical mass to promote gender balance and to ensure equal participation of women with due regard to equitable geographical distribution numerically, at all levels, and ensure that opportunities are made available for qualified women to participate in all United Nations forums and peace activities at ambassadorial and decision-making levels, including the United Nations Secretariat;]

(b) Strengthen the role of women and [increase the percentage of women at all decision-making levels in national and international institutions which may make or influence policy with regard to matters related to peace-keeping] [including observer missions] [peace-building, fact-finding and preventive diplomacy activities,] and in all stages of peace mediation and negotiations; [in line with the specific recommendations of the Secretary-General in his strategic plan of action for the improvement of the status of women in the Secretariat (1995-2000) (A/49/587, sect. IV)];

(c) [Integrate a [gender perspective] in the result of armed or other conflicts [and foreign occupation] and aim for gender balance when promoting candidates for judicial and other positions in such international bodies as [war crime tribunals, including the United Nations International Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda,] the International Court of Justice [as well as in other bodies related to the peaceful settlement of disputes;]]

(d) Ensure that these bodies are able to properly address gender issues by providing appropriate training to prosecutors and judges and other officials in handling cases involving rape [and its consequences], [forced pregnancy], indecent assault and other forms of violence against women [in armed conflicts and foreign occupation and integrate a gender perspective into their work];

(e) Strengthen the participation of women in processes of national reconciliation and reconstruction after all forms of conflict.

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