Draft Platform for Action
E. Advance peace, promote conflict resolution and reduce the impact of armed or other conflict on women
Strategic objective E.4. Promote women's contribution to fostering a culture of peace

Actions to be taken

148. By Governments, international and regional intergovernmental institutions and non-governmental organizations:

(a) Promote peaceful conflict resolution and peace, reconciliation and tolerance through education, training, community actions and youth exchange programmes, in particular for young women;

(b) [During future] reviews of the implementation of the plan of action for the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004), take into account the results of the Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace; [Move subpara. to chap. IV, sect. I.]

(c) Encourage the further development of peace research, involving the participation of women, to examine the impact of armed conflict on women and children and the nature and contribution of women's participation in national, regional and international peace movements; engage in research and identify innovative mechanisms for containing violence and for conflict resolution for public dissemination and for use by women and men;

(d) Develop and disseminate research on the physical, psychological, economic and social effects of armed conflicts on women, particularly young women and girls, with a view to developing policies and programmes to address the consequences of conflicts;

(e) Consider establishing educational programmes for girls and boys to foster a culture of peace, focusing on conflict resolution. [These programmes should promote, among other things, positive models for men and boys that encourage them to use non-violent means to settle conflicts].

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