Draft Platform for Action
L. [Persistent discrimination against and violation of the rights of] [Survival, protection and development of] the girl child
Strategic objective L.3. [Increase public awareness of the value, needs and rights of the girl child,] [including the girl child with special needs and in difficult circumstances, and the need to strengthen her self- image, self-esteem and status]

Actions to be taken

278. By Governments and international and non-governmental organizations:

(a) Generate awareness of the disadvantaged situation of girls among policy makers, planners, administrators and implementors at all levels, as well as within households and communities;

(b) Make the girl child, particularly the girl child in difficult circumstances, aware of her own potential, educate her about the rights guaranteed to her [under international human rights instruments, particularly the Convention on the Rights of the Child], legislation enacted for her and the various measures undertaken by both governmental and non-governmental organizations working to improve her status;

(c) Educate women, men, girls and boys to promote girls' status and encourage them to work towards mutual respect and equal partnership between girls and boys;

(d) Facilitate the equal provision of appropriate services and devices to girls with disabilities and provide, as appropriate, their families with related support services.

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