Draft Platform for Action
L. [Persistent discrimination against and violation of the rights of] [Survival, protection and development of] the girl child
Strategic objective L.8. Educate the girl child about social, economic and political issues and problems

Actions to be taken

284. By Governments and international and non-governmental organizations:

(a) Provide access for girls to training, information and media on social, cultural, economic and political issues and enable them to articulate their views;

(b) Support non-governmental organizations, in particular youth non-governmental organizations, in their efforts to promote the equality and participation of girls in society.

[Strategic objective L.9. [Strengthen [the role of the family] [family responsibility] in advancing the status of the girl child]

Actions to be taken

285. By Governments, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations:

(a) Formulate policies and programmes to help [the family] [families] in [its] [their] supporting, educating and nurturing roles, with particular emphasis on the elimination of intra family discrimination against the girl child;

(b) Provide an environment conducive to the strengthening of [the family] [families], with a view to providing supportive and preventive measures [for the protection of the girl child] [which protect and respect the girl child];

(c) [Promote education and campaign for] [Educate and encourage] parents and care givers to [enhance equal treatment for girls and boys] [treat girls and boys equally] and to ensure shared responsibilities between girls and boys in the family.]

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