Draft Platform for Action
1. United Nations
[Commission on the Status of Women

318. The General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council are invited to review the mandate of the Commission on the Status of Women, taking into account the Platform for Action as well as the need for synergy with other related commissions and Conference follow-up.

319. As a functional commission assisting the Economic and Social Council, the Commission on the Status of Women should have a central role in monitoring the implementation of the Platform for Action and advising the Council thereon. It should have a clear mandate along with the necessary financial support to permit it to undertake regular monitoring and to enable it to coordinate the reporting on implementation of the Platform for Action with relevant organizations of the United Nations system, particularly those concerned with the advancement of women, and various regional and national machineries and focal points.

320. To help the Commission formulate and monitor a system-wide approach to implementation, it should receive monitoring reports, including reports from organizations and agencies of the United Nations system. The effect of this would be to make the Commission the gender analysis arm of the Economic and Social Council. This would help strengthen the Council's policy coordination function.

321. The Commission, in developing its work programme for the period 1996-2000, should review the critical areas of concern in the Platform for Action and prepare its agenda so as to integrate an item on follow-up to the World Conference on Women, including gender analysis of critical issues before the United Nations, the content of which would be determined by the issues being taken up by the Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly.]

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