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IWTC Global Net: news and developments about the Fourth World Conference on Women and NGO Forum

GlobalNet # 16

9 June 1995


Irene Santiago, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Women, announced today that major concessions had been made by the China Organizing Committee. IreneUs announcement is as follows:

"I am pleased to inform you of the successful resolution of most of the outstanding issues surrounding the site for the NGO Forum on Women. After meetings in Beijing between Mr. Ismat Kittani, UN Under Secretary General and Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General, officials of the China Organizing Committee, Khunying Supatra Masdit, NGO Forum Convenor and Sylvia Ordonez, NGO Forum Logistics, an agreement was concluded on 8 June, 1995. We sincerely believe that the terms of the agreement will enable the holding of a substantive and celebratory Forum such as women worldwide have been planning for years. It will also preserve the integrity of the UN process by enabling both accredited and non-accredited NGOs to have easy access to their delegations to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women."

The major points of the agreement are as follows:

At the conclusion of the negotiations, Supatra Masdit acknowledged the extraordinary contribution made by women worldwide in bringing a resolution to the site issue. She also thanked the China Organizing Committee for their efforts in making the Forum a viable one. In her letter to the members of the NGO Facilitating Committee, Supatra Masdit expressed the hope that "we can all move forward and make our Forum a success."

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This faxnet comes from IWTC, a women's development support group set up following the NGO forum (called IWY Tribune) held parallel to the First World Conference on Women in Mexico City, 1975. Global Faxnet has been set up by IWTC to get news quickly to women worldwide about the NGO Forum.