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SORRY...YOU HAVE TO SEND YOUR NEW HOTEL RESERVATION FORM AGAIN (Linkages note: Read Global Faxnet Number 19 before doing anything)

1. For all those who have sent off the official New Hotel Reservation Form faxed out via Global Faxnet on June 15, 1995, for hotel accommodation in Beijing and/or Huairou during the World Conference and NGO Forum, please read this carefully. The NGO Forum Office has informed IWTC that the China Organizing Committee (COC) is not accepting the form faxed out via Global Faxnet.

Apparently, the addition of the words Huairou and Beijing, are the stumbling blocks.

Therefore, if you still have not received the New Hotel Reservation Form directly from the NGO Forum Office, we suggest that you WHITE-OUT the hand-written words RHuairouS and RBeijingS, and check for accommodation in either Huairou or Beijing only, noting the dates in the spaces where it says Check-In and Check-Out. If you are an accredited NGO planning to stay in Huairou for the 2 weeks of the Forum, and planning to move into Beijing for the final week of the World Conference, write your request for accommodation in Beijing in the space beside Special Requirements. It is suggested that you attach a cover note explaining that you want two weeks in Huairou for the Forum and one week in Beijing to attend the final week of the World Conference. We also suggest as an added precaution that you WHITE OUT any imprint that might have come from the IWTC fax machine at the top of the page and any other handwritten notes (e.g. Global Faxnet #17 etc.)....

2. The NGO Forum Office has issued an RInformation PacketS, and for all those who are planning to go to Beijing, but have not received this RpacketS, we suggest you contact them immediately for a copy. Their address is: NGO FORUM OFFICE, 211 East 43rd Street, Suite 1500, New York, NY 10017. Tel: (!-212) 922-9268. Fax: (1-212) 922-9269.

3. IWTC has put the Information Packet on-line for all those with access to the Internet. You can find the information at: women.unwcw@igc.apc.org. The packet contains information concerning health requirements, discount airline flights, customs, what equipment you can bring into China for personal and/or professional use, products for display in booths, exhibit spaces and Marketplace, shipment of goods, transportation (shuttle buses between Forum and Conference, etc.) foreign currency exchange, an overview of the program, facilities and services at the Forum and general information on the weather (average temperature in August is 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit, 24.5 degrees Celsius and for September 67.6 degrees F., 19.8 degrees C.), what clothes to bring, security cautions, and the New Hotel Registration Form.

4. IWTCUs second special issue of The Tribune on plans and preparations for Beijing is now available in photo copy form, and will be back from the printer on Friday June 30. It contains information on activities and events planned for the NGO Forum by women worldwide, examples of Rdo-it-yourselfS action packs and tool-kits for Beijing, contact lists of organizations, and late-breaking news on the site, Internet connections, Platform for Action RprogressS, etc. If you do not normally receive The Tribune, but would like to receive a copy, please let us know. The Tribune is free to women and groups in the Global South (Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East) and is available by subscription or exchange to all others (N. America - 1 year subscription is US$12, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand - US$16). It will soon be available in Spanish, and thanks to help from CIDA, a group in Montreal is translating into French all of our Beijing package of materials (6 issues of Preview ;U95 and 3 issues of The Tribune).