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e-mail: iwtc@igc.apc.org

Faxnet #21 July 6th, 1995

About Hotel Confirmation Forms, deadlines and other related matters

The NGO Forum on Women Office has informed IWTC of the following:

A. If you booked your hotel prior to July 5, 1995 and without the help of travel agencies or the China Organizing Committee (COC), you should :

B. If you are staying with friends in China, you still need a letter of confirmation for hotel/ accommodation in order to receive your visa (and Forum Pass in Beijing). You should: 1) Fill out the New Hotel Reservation Form. 2) Print or type at the bottom of the form the name, address, and phone number of the friend/relative. 3) Mail or fax the completed New Hotel Reservation Form to the COC at address given above. 4) The COC will issue the same hotel accommodation confirmation letter for you to obtain your visa, and Forum Pass in Beijing.

C. If you are unable to get through to the COC fax machine, you can send your materials to the NGO Forum Office in New York. They have installed another dedicated fax line and you are requested to fax anything to do with accommodations in Beijing to this new number: NGO Forum Office (New York) Fax: (1-212) 286-9059

D. The NGO Forum on Women Office in New York has informed IWTC that the COC is accepting all New Hotel Reservation Forms, even those that have not made the deadline previously given of July 5, 1995. It is not known how long this situation will last so we urge everyone to send your forms immediately if you have not sent them already. The NGO Forum Office is sending all forms received in New York to China by courier service.

E. Two members of the NGO Forum on Women New York staff (Chandra Budhu and Anna-Carin Thomer) left for Beijing today (July 6th) to view the site, discuss logistics with Sylvia Ordoez, the NGO Forum logistics person based in Beijing, and to work with the COC on any matters outstanding. They will bring back video tape and photographs, and detailed measurements of the site for help in finalizing spaces/sites for activities and events.