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July 18th, 1995

by Anne S. Walker

An Update on the Huairou Site...

1. Today, Chandra Budhu of the NGO Forum Office showed IWTC staff and others an unedited piece of video footage of the Huairou site made during her visit there last week.It showed the spaces, buildings, some of the hotels, apartment complexes and more, that are being readied or constructed. China is going all out to get the site ready for the opening on August 30, 1995. Multi-storied apartment buildings, modern, glass-sheathed meeting halls, all sizes and shapes of classrooms, vast exhibition halls, many community toilet blocks, two bedroom apartments, hotels, a Culture Palace, -all are being either completely constructed or totally renovated. All of the newly constructed and most of the renovated buildings are accessible for the disabled. Ramps have been installed wherever possible, and were clearly shown leading into the main plenary, exhibition and meeting halls, and to the community toilet blocks. The larger open spaces of ground that had appeared in earlier photos as Rdust bowlsS are being bricked over to provide solid footing for people, and for the 1,000 large parasols and tables being positioned throughout the site. It would appear that person-power and funds have not been spared in the preparation of Huairou for the Forum. IWTCUs newsletter The Tribune 54, Special Issue #3 on Beijing, will have a simple map of the Huairou site, with all the main buildings and open areas featured. It is due out end of July.

2.More and more classrooms, halls and other assorted venues are being made available both near to, and within the Rcontiguous areaS being prepared at Huairou. Space and time will be allotted for all of the groups that have requested it though some events may have to be shortened or cut back so that everyone can participate. With more than 3,900 activities scheduled, it is estimated that there will be up to 400 activities (workshops, seminars, panels, plenaries, training sessions, cultural events, etc.) on each of the 10 days of the Forum. The computer programme used at the World Summit on Social Development (Copenhagen, March 1995) is being utilized to match up requests with available space and time. The Forum Office hopes to have a full programme of activities mapped out by next week. Every group that has requested space will receive one.

3.Three members of the NGO Forum Office leave for Beijing tomorrow (Wednesday July 19th) to work fulltime alongside the COC on hotel reservations and other organizational matters. Hotel confirmation letters will be mailed out beginning Monday July 24. Because original letters are required for visa purposes, they will not be faxed as originally intended.

4. Correction: In Global Faxnet #22, reference was made to computer conferences where you could find the draft Platform for Action. These are APC* (Association for Progressive Communications) conferences, and are not available on networks not affiliated with APC. For more information, please contact Sally Burch, APCUs WomenUs Outreach Coordinator: e-mail: sally@alai.ecx.ec or fax: (+593-2) 50-50-73 in Ecuador, or Susan Mooney at WomensNet, e-mail: womensnet@igc.apc.org or fax: (+1-415) 546-1794 in the USA. For information related to other on-line conferences, contact IWTC.

5. Correction: In Global Faxnet #23, we made a typing mistake with Mickey Spiegel's (Human Rights Watch) email address. The correct address is <spiegem@hrw.org>, not <spieigem@hrw.org>.

Our apologies.


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