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July 24, 1995

by Anne S. Walker

NGO Forum Office Begins Regular Postings On-Line

On July 18th, the NGO Forum Office began placing information on plans and preparations for the NGO Forum on Women -(due to begin in Huairou in 37 days time on August 30, 1995)- on-line. It can be found in APC conference <wcw.ngo.doc>.

In it's first posting, the NGO Forum Office included the following information (with some additional information added by IWTC):

1. OFFICE IN BEIJING. The NGO Forum has established an office in Beijing and is working closely with the China Organizing Committee to ensure that the site in Huairou will meet our logistical needs.

2. REGISTRATIONS: Registrations postmarked on or before April 30, 1995 have all been processed and confirmations have been sent out. People with incomplete registrations (missing photographs and/or fee) were notified and given a deadline of June 30th to submit the missing pieces.

3. CONFIRMATION LETTERS. The NGO Forum began by sending confirmation letters to participants in the Global South, where mail takes the longest to reach from New York. If you have still not received your official confirmation letter, please let the NGO Forum Office know. Incidentally, each NGO Regional Focal Point has a list of all participants registered in her region.

4. VISAS. You need to take your official registration confirmation letter from New York, and your official hotel accommodation confirmation letter with COC stamp from Beijing, to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country as soon as you have received both letters. The Chinese Embassy/Consulate will give you a visa application form and will inform you of any other requirements additional to the two letters. In most cases, this involves two passport-sized photos, a copy of your plane ticket and a small fee. Some countries do not have diplomatic relations with China. Participants from these countries must apply to the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their region. Countries without diplomatic relations with China include: a) South Africa, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Niger, Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau, and Swaziland; b) Monaco and Liechtenstein; c) Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Haiti, El Salvador, Bermuda, Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Honduras; d) Solomon Islands, Tonga, Nauru, Tuvalu.

5. WHO IS COMING TO BEIJING? The following are the numbers, by region, of registered participants to the NGO Forum on Women: Africa, 3245; Europe and North America, 14,833; Latin America and the Caribbean, 2,020; Asia and the Pacific, 12,336; Western Asia, 819. (This adds up to 33,233, with 18,400 from the Global South and 14,833 from the Global North)

6. HOTELS. The COC has received 33,000 new hotel forms. (The COC will use the old hotel reservation form if they find a registered participant who did not re-apply with the new form). For all those who booked hotels and other accommodation in Huairou, there will be no need to pay a reservation fee. For all those who booked hotels in Beijing, there will be a 10% reservation fee payable within 10 days of receiving your official Hotel Confirmation Letter.

7. CORRECTION. In Global Faxnet #23, we inadvertently added a letter to the e-mail address of Mickey Spiegel at Human Rights Watch. The correctr e-mail address is<spiegem@hrw.org>. Apologies to all those who couldn't reach Mickey at the previous address given. The guidelines pamphlet is now published.