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Other WWW sites related to the Fourth World Conference on Women and the NGO Forum

This page was last updated on 12 September 1995 from Beijing

The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women Secretariat page (this is the "official" page).

Virtual Sisterhood's section on the Fourth World Conference on Women

The APC page on the NGO Forum includes daily updates and schedules. This is the best place to head for to find out information on the NGO meeting.

The United States Delegation to the FWCW has a WWW site with lots of good information and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK has a WWW page too.

TheWomen's Talk WWW site in the UK

The Earth Pledge Foundation has a page on the FWCW and Executive Director Leslie Hoffman here in Beijing with a Quicktake camera and Powerbook in hand. Check out their page and the US$100,000 essay contest.

Feminist Majority's Introduction to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, subtitled Half the World, Half the Power, includes Field Notes From Beijing, Platform Summaries and other information concerning the Beijing conference.

San Jose Mercury News' Mercury Center web covers the Fourth World Conference on Women online.

Naisten Peking 1995 - A WWW server in Finland with information on the FWCW

Interaction, an NGO coalition working as an advocate for humanitatian aid, has a WWW site for the FWCW

One World Online has a page on the FWCW.

Voices of Global Women is a radio series planned on Public Radio International

Base Camp Seattle

Econews Africa should have news soon on the Beijing Conference

The Global Stewardship Network newsletter is available on Linkages with information on the FWCW.

The Women's Economic Network information on their campaign "Women Healing Oceans"

A good background document is UNFPA's State of the World's Population Report, available in English, French and Spanish.

UNIFEM and Beijing

Political, social and economic news about China is a really comprehensive source of information by James Miles, BBC Hong Kong correspondent

Seattle Community Network Discussion of Women's Issues for the FWCW

The Women's Net gopher menu of FWCW resources and their WWW pages, Beijing '95; Women, Power & Change

Friends of the Earth International has a position paper on their WWW site.

China Survival Tips; Good stuff from Helen Ross... travel tips with an attitude!

The Women's Online Media Project in Japan (also available in Japanese)

IDRC in Canada has a page on what IDRC is doing in preparation for the two events in Beijing.