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Voices from Beijing - Interviews from the Fourth World Conference on Women
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The Earth Negotiations Bulletin is pleased to present Voices from Beijing, a series of interviews from participants at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. As a new feature of our coverage of environment and development meetings, we hope these discussions give you a more complete sense of the conference, its issues and process.

As negotiations drew to a close Thursday, 14 September, Linkages and Feminist Intenational Radio Endeavor (FIRE) sat down to evaluate the Fourth World Conference on Women with a small group of women NGOs:

Linkages spoke in Chinese about the status of women in China, new issues China is facing and China's new commitment. Tuesday, 12 September with:

On Tuesday, 12 September, Linkages explored the human rights language in the Platform for Action with:

Entre actividades en el Dia de la Juventud a la Conferencia Mundial de las Mujeres, 11 Septiembre, Linkages habl� sobre temas de la juventud, medio ambiente y la sexualidad con:

Environmental issues, including the recent French nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll, were topics covered when Linkages met on 9 September with:

Linkages discussed the confrontation between the feminist agenda and moral conservative forces on sexuality, reproductive and sexual rights and related issues, on Saturday, 9 September with:

On Friday, 8 September, Linkages interviewed:

On Thursday, 7 September, Linkages spoke with:

Several days into the official meeting, Linkages spoke with: The following interviews give two perspectives on the situation and prospects of the conference on the eve of its opening: The interviews are formatted as RealAudio files. To hear these interviews on the fly, you need a soundcard and a RealAudio player. The software can be downloaded from Progressive Networks, which also provides information on how to install and use the free player software.

You may notice that the sound quality is a bit crunchy. That is partly because we are learning how to do this, and partly because that's the level of quality you get from RealAudio, a new and innovative internet tool whose sound has been compared with AM radio. We hope that the content, straight talk from the women and men dealing with women's issues around the world, is reasonable compensation.