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Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Tenth Meeting of the Plants Committee and Sixteenth Meeting of the Animals Committee

Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA, 11 - 15 December 2000

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On Wednesday, the Plants Committee met for its last day to discuss, inter alia, significant trade, review of Appendices and issues related to the 9th Plants Committee (PC9). The Animals Committee addressed: the role and functions of Scientific Authorities; traditional medicines; review of animal taxa in the Appendices; seahorses; and time-sensitive research samples. Time-sensitive samples, seahorses and review of taxa were sent back for discussion in working groups. Significant trade in sturgeon, cobra and musk deer, transport of live animals and hard corals were also dealt with in working groups.

Chair Clemente asked for a vote of confidence from the Committee to prioritize projects in the strategic plan.

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Margarita Clemente


Participants in the Plant's Committee celebrate a fruitful conclusion to the meeting


Vice-Chair von Arx reported on a morning working group discussion on implementing the CITES strategic vision. He pinpointed actions to: evaluate Party capacities, needs and opportunities to implement CITES; develop a simple guide to the review of significant trade in plants and a database on CITES decisions, procedures and plant species in trade; improve coordination between CITES authorities; include plant experts within Scientific Authorities; develop formats for permits, reporting and trade analysis of listed plant commodities; and promote greater awareness and cooperation among botanists regarding CITES.

Chris Schürmann, the Netherlands


Kerry Taylor, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, UK

The UK reported progress on the distribution of standard slide packages and confirmed continued funding for the project.

Yves-Marie Allain, France, Uwe Schippmann, Germany, and Nina Marshall, TRAFFIC


Jan de Koning, the Netherlands, representative of Europe, and Zul Mukhshar Shaari, Malaysia, representative of Asia

Enrique Forero, Colombia, representative of South and Central America and the Caribbean


Marco Ciambelli, COMURNAT



Chair Hoogmoed on the REVIEW OF APPENDICES noted that of the 31 species identified for taxa review, only nine reviews have been completed. North America said it had received positive feedback from range States Scientific and Management Authorities. Asia expressed concern about reviewing species that exist in numerous range States. Africa said it gathered most of its information from the Internet, literature and databases. The Secretariat and Chair Hoogmoed emphasized the need to clearly define a standard review format, and several delegates noted the need for additional range States to complete questionnaires.


A display of decoy ducks contained in one of the showcases at the National Conservation Training Center
. These specimens, from various periods in time, have been gathered from all parts of the United States.


 Karen Steuer, IFAW

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) reported on their work to establish traditional medicine vendor associations. She noted the need for a standardized product labeling system and a comprehensive list of traded animals, which IFAW volunteered to prepare, in collaboration with TRAFFIC.

   NGO representatives discuss the day's events

 Arman Petrossian,
Petrossian Inc.

Switzerland introduced a document on time-sensitive research samples, which sets the goals of identifying various types of samples transferred internationally between research institutions; categorizing samples based on their commercial, non-commercial and conservation elements and evaluating the need for expedited transfer of samples.

Zhiyong Fan, CITES Affairs Division, Import and Export Administrative Office of China


Zhigang Jiang, China, catches up on the issues


Delegates share ideas as they cross the bridge leading to the Commons

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