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Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Second Joint Meeting of the Animals and Plants Committees

Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA, 7-9 December 2000

On the last day of the Joint Meeting, delegates finalized the review of the criteria for amendments of Appendices I and II, including: criteria for inclusion of species in Appendix II; special cases; precautionary measures; definitions, notes and guidelines; and format for proposals to amend the Appendices.

Returning to the operative part of Resolution 9.24, participants debated whether to retain CWG text on the inclusion in Appendix II of species that are in international trade but managed in such a way that there is a negligible risk that, in the near future, the species would qualify for inclusion in Appendix II.

In closing, Chair Clemente thanked Hank Jenkins and CWG members for their work and congratulated parties for their collaborative efforts. Chair Hoogmoed said Resolution 9.24 would be redrafted to take on board the parties’ comments and the clean text would be circulated by spring of next year. The Joint Committee adjourned at 4:30 pm.

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Entrance to the National Conservation Training Center

Teresa Telecky, Humane Society of the United States with fellow delegates

Teresa Telecky, Humane Society, opposed deletion of the text on listing species that are members of a taxon of which most species are included in Appendix II. On language stating that a non-expert, using basic identification materials, could not distinguish between look-alike species, she wondered how it would be determined that non-experts could demonstrate their ability to distinguish between species.


Hank Jenkins, CWG Chair, spoke on responsible management and use of wildlife.


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Michael Kiehn, Institute of Botany, University of Vienna, Austria

Margarita Clemente with Agustin Iriarte, Chile


Karen Steuer, International Fund for Animal Welfare with Vassili Papastavrou, International Marine Mammal Association

Geert Drieman, Director International and Legal Affairs, Greenpeace


The Africa representative for the Animals Committee on the necessity of Appendix II listing.

Peter Pueschel, Greenpeace, Germany


Pauline Lindeque with collegue Michael Griffin, both from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia

China commenting on definitions notes and guidelines.

Philip Wilson, World Society for the Protection of Animals, said CWG text that provides that split listing can occur only in the case of downlisting gives a one-sided preference, and favored the original text. Many delegates expressed concern that one-way split listing might create enforcement problems, in particular in the case of migratory species and individuals of subspecies.

Philip Wilson


Stephen Nash, TRAFFIC International.

Representatives from Europe and Asia discuss language on inclusion of species on Appendix II that are managed with negligible risk.

On the issue of listing species where there is a negligible risk from trade, Stephen Nash, TRAFFIC, expressed concern that CWG-proposed language does not define sound management.

Ronald Orenstein, International Wildlife Coalition, with Michael Griffin, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia and Quentin Luke, Coastal Forest Conservation Unit Project, National Mueseums of Kenya

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Chris Sch�rman with Katalin Rodics, Nature Conservation Department, Ministry for Environment, Hungary


On precautionary measures, Chris Sch�rmann, the Netherlands, highlighted that refraining from listing can be in the best interest of a species

Carlos Mazal, OLDEPESCA, Peru


Marinus Hoogmoed introduces definitions, notes, and guidelines and the representative for North America proposes the formation of a separate definitions working group to meet at a later date.

Switzerland reacts to North America's proposal for a separate definitions working group.

Germany noted the difficulty of continuing work on text without a further developed draft and supported North America's proposal for a separate definitions working group.

Alaskan Grizzly, killed in 1986

Vincent Chen, TRAFFIC International


Defenders of Wildlife on the pros and cons of listing on Appendix II and look-alike species.


Poster behind the podium. "Wildlife without Borders"

Familiar corridors at the Nature Conservation Training Center


Participants peruse documents at the registration table

David Morgan, European Commission with Jonathan Hutton, Africa Resources Trust.


Participants bid farewell at the close of the meeting

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