11.15. The objectives are:

(a) To increase awareness, knowledge, understanding and commitment at all levels of society so that families, couples, individuals, opinion and community leaders, non-governmental organizations, policy makers, Governments and the international community appreciate the significance and relevance of population-related issues and will take the responsible actions necessary to address such issues within sustained economic growth in the context of sustainable development;

(b) To encourage attitudes in favour of responsible behaviour in population and development, especially in areas such as environment, family, sexuality, reproduction, gender and racial sensitivity;

(c) To ensure political commitment to population and development issues by national Governments in order to promote participation at all levels from both public and private sectors in the design, implementation and monitoring of population and development policies and programmes;

(d) To enhance the ability of couples and individuals to exercise their basic right to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children, and to have the information, education and means to do so.