14.3. The objectives are:

(a) To ensure that international cooperation in the area of population and development is consistent with national population and development priorities centred on the well-being of intended beneficiaries and serves to promote national capacity-building and self-reliance;

(b) To urge that the international community adopt favourable macroeconomic policies for promoting sustained economic growth and sustainable development in developing countries;

(c) To clarify the reciprocal responsibilities of development partners and improve coordination of their efforts;

(d) To develop long-term joint programmes between recipient countries and between recipient and donor countries;

(e) To improve and strengthen policy dialogue and coordination of population and development programmes and activities at the international level, including bilateral and multilateral agencies;

(f) To urge that all population and development programmes with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds of each country's people adhere to basic human rights recognized by the international community and recalled in the present Programme of Action and adhere to the specific conditions of each country.