15.8. Governments and intergovernmental organizations, in dialogue with non- governmental organizations and local community groups, and in full respect for their autonomy, should integrate them in their decision-making and facilitate the contribution that non-governmental organizations can make at all levels towards finding solutions to population and development concerns and, in particular, to ensure the implementation of the present Programme of Action. Non-governmental organizations should have a key role in national and international development processes.

15.9. Governments should ensure the essential roles and participation of women's organizations in the design and implementation of population and development programmes. Involving women at all levels, especially the managerial level, is critical to meeting the objectives and implementing the present Programme of Action.

15.10. Adequate financial and technical resources and information necessary for the effective participation of non-governmental organizations in the research, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of population and development activities should, if feasible and if requested, be made available to the non-governmental sector by Governments, intergovernmental organizations and international financial institutions in a manner that will not compromise their full autonomy. To ensure transparency, accountability and effective division of labour, these same institutions should make available the necessary information and documents to those non-governmental organizations. International organizations may provide financial and technical assistance to non-governmental organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country.

15.11. Governments and donor countries, including intergovernmental organizations and international financial institutions, should ensure that non- governmental organizations and their networks are able to maintain their autonomy and strengthen their capacity through regular dialogue and consultations, appropriate training and outreach activities, and thus play a greater partnership role at all levels.

15.12. Non-governmental organizations and their networks and local communities should strengthen their interaction with their constituencies, ensure the transparency of their activities, mobilize public opinion, participate in the implementation of population and development programmes and actively contribute to the national, regional and international debate on population and development issues. Governments, where appropriate, should include representation of non-governmental organizations on country delegations to regional and international forums where issues on population and development are discussed.

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