C. Activities at the international level

Basis for action

16.18. The implementation of the goals, objectives and actions of this Programme of Action will require new and additional financial resources, from the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations and the international community. While some of the resources required could come from the reordering of priorities, additional resources will be needed. In this context, developing countries, particularly the least developed countries, will require additional resources, including on concessional and grant terms, according to sound and equitable indicators. Countries with economies in transition may also require temporary assistance in the light of the difficult economic and social problems these countries face at present. Developed countries, and others in a position to do so, should consider providing additional resources, as needed, to support the implementation of the decisions of this Conference through bilateral and multilateral channels, as well as non- governmental organizations.

16.19. South-South cooperation at all levels is an important instrument of development. In this regard such cooperation - technical cooperation among developing countries - should play an important part in the implementation of this Programme of Action.