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IISD Reporting Services Team




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About IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS)

The International Institute for Sustainable Development – Reporting Services Division – provides a variety of multimedia informational resources for environment and sustainable development policymakers, including daily coverage of international negotiations, analyses and photos. As the publisher of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, IISD RS is recognized for its objectivity and issue expertise in the field of international environment and sustainable development policy. The various products provided by IISD RS make it an essential source of information for government officials, policy and decision makers, UN staff, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, business, industry and academia.

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IISD Reporting Services Team

IISD RS has four permanent professional staff (http://enb.iisd.org/about/staff.htm), several part-time clerical and administrative positions, two full-time translators and sixty expert consultants  (http://enb.iisd.org/about/team/) from thirty two countries. Most of the team members are  Ph.D. candidates, lawyers or Ph.D.s with experience in international environment and development relations.

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IISD Reporting Services is supported entirely by contributions from readers and their organizations. For a list of our donors and funders visit: http://enb.iisd.org/donate/.

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IISD Reporting Services products include:

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB)

The flagship product, ENB, is a balanced, timely and independent reporting service that provides daily information from multilateral negotiations on environment and sustainable development.

The Bulletin is a one-page, double-sided publication that is distributed each day to participants at UN negotiations. In addition to the hard-copy version, the Earth Negotiations Bulletin is available in electronic format on the IISD Reporting Services website “Linkages” and distributed by e-mail.

At the conclusion of each meeting, the Earth Negotiations Bulletin Team writes and edits a 10-18,000-word summary and analysis of the meeting, which is circulated in electronic format. This has enabled it to reach a wide range of people interested in environment and sustainable development negotiations. Many UN delegates, NGOs and UN staff who track environment and sustainable development policy consider the Earth Negotiations Bulletin to be essential reading. Meetings covered during 2006 include:

Your Meeting Bulletin (YMB)

Your Meeting Bulletin is the reporting service that expands the coverage provided by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin to other meetings, such as conferences, workshops, symposia or regional meetings. These initiatives are growing in scope and number and are providing increasingly important inputs into the policy-making process, and the outcomes of these important initiatives should be highlighted and made widely available to all interested parties. Your Meeting Bulletin provides a timely, professional, high-quality reporting service for these events and disseminates the information extensively via the Internet.

The IISD Reporting Services website “LINKAGES”

The World Wide Web site http://enb.iisd.org/ was created in 1994 as a multimedia resource for environment and sustainable development decision-makers. This site includes all of the digital versions of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin reports in a freely accessible online archive.

In addition, this site provides links to other relevant sites and official documents, and includes high-resolution digital photos from the meetings covered by IISD RS. In the years that Linkages has been available on the Internet, millions of visitors have downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of information.

The website tracks information on the following issue areas:

Sustainable Development

Biodiversity & Wildlife

Chemicals Management

Climate & Atmosphere

Forests, Deserts, Land

Human Development

Intergovernmental Organizations

Trade, Financing & Investment for Sustainable Development

Water, Wetlands, Oceans and Coasts

Linkages Update

Linkages Update is a newsletter published twice each month that delivers the latest news and information on a broad range of international environment and sustainable development negotiations and issues to your e-mailbox.

Linkages Update

 top environmental news stories;

 updates on negotiations covered by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin;

 brief summaries of key international environment and sustainable
       development meetings;

 links to noteworthy publications and online resources; and

 a comprehensive calendar of upcoming meetings.

Linkages Update is our most widely distributed publication, reaching an estimated audience of 45,000 readers in primary and secondary distribution.

MEA Bulletin

MEA Bulletin provides the reader with updates and information focused specifically on the activities of key multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and their secretariats. It provides details of new reports, announcements, meetings, implementation activities and other news. It was made possible with support from UNEP's Division of Environmental Conventions, and is prepared by a team of experts who also work on ENB and Linkages Update. To access the archives and sign up to receive future issues visit: http://enb.iisd.org/email/mea-l/


Electronic Mailing Lists

Using the powerful Lyris list-processing software, IISD Reporting Services provides several moderated e-mail based peer-to-peer announcement lists on various issues. These lists allow thousands of members of these virtual communities to share information on upcoming meetings, recent publications, updates to members’ websites, availability of documentation for negotiations and news of professional vacancies. IISD Reporting Services maintains the following free lists:

Biodiversity-L: is a mailing list for news and announcements related to Biodiversity and Wildlife policy issues. Postings include biodiversity and wildlife policy news, announcements of workshops/conferences, job listings, and information on new publications and online resources. BIODIVERSITY-L is brought to you by IISD, in cooperation with the Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat.

Chemicals-L: In April 2005, together with UNEP Chemicals, IISD has created this peer-to-peer list to server the international chemicals management community. This list is used for announcements related to the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS), the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), the Stockholm Convention (POPS) and the Rotterdam Convention (PIC).

Climate-L: In cooperation with the UNFCCC Secretariat, IISD moderates and maintains the CLIMATE-L list linking all sections of the international climate change community. This announcement list, which was launched in 1996, reaches an estimated 25,000 readers worldwide, providing an electronic information dissemination tool for hundreds of organizations, UN bodies and governments to circulate information on their activities.

Forests-L: This list, created in collaboration with the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) Secretariat, was launched in May 2003. FORESTS-L links members of the forest policy community in a common forum for the exchange of information, announcements, best practices, upcoming meetings and the availability of academic and scientific research.

MEA-L: is a peer-to-peer listserve for information specifically about multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). MEA-L also distributes the MEA Bulletin in PDF format. The MEA Bulletin is a publication created by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Division of Environmental Conventions (UNEP DEC).

Oceans-L: is a mailing list for news and announcements related to oceans policy issues. Postings include oceans policy news, announcements of workshops/conferences, job listings, and information on new publications and online resources. Oceans-L was created in January 2006 and is brought to you by IISD Reporting Services in cooperation with the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands and UNESCO.

Water-L: IISD, in collaboration with the World Water Council and the Secretariat for the 3rd World Water Forum, inaugurated WATER-L in February 2003. This list, which now reaches an audience of approximately 10,000 readers, links members of the “water community” through distributed e-mail announcements.

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The Earth Negotiations Bulletin began as the joint initiative of three individuals from the NGO community, who were participating in the preparations for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Johannah Bernstein, an environmental lawyer and Director of the Canadian Participatory Committee for UNCED (CPCU), Pamela Chasek, a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and Langston James Goree VI "Kimo", a former UNDP programme officer and NGO activist from the Western Amazon, created the Earth Summit Bulletin in March 1992.


After publishing daily issues during the five weeks of the Fourth Preparatory Committee meeting for UNCED, the three raised funds to publish at the Conference in Rio. Following the conclusion of UNCED the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) approached the three founders with an offer to continue publishing the Earth Summit Bulletin at follow-up negotiations to the Earth Summit. In November 1992 the Earth Summit Bulletin was renamed the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.


More than fourteen years later, IISD Reporting Services has produced thousands of reports from hundreds of negotiations covering dozens of major multilateral environmental agreements. Its timely up-to-the-minute reports and comprehensive online archives are widely respected and relied upon by experts and officials from around the world.

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Contact Information


International Institute for Sustainable Development

Reporting Services Division

New York Office

300 East 56th Street #11D
New York, New York 10022

United States of America

Tel: +1 646 536 7556
Fax: +1 646 219 0955

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