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Langston James "Kimo" Goree, United States of America

Director, IISD Reporting Services

Kimo is the Managing Editor of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB), the Director of IISD Reporting Services, and a founder of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. He is responsible for the fundraising and overall coordination of the ENB, Linkages Update, the MEA Bulletin, the Linkages website, �Your Meeting Bulletin�, and the Earth Negotiations Bulletin on the Side (ENBOTS). He also is the founder and moderator of CLIMATE-L, MEA-L, WATER-L, FORESTS-L, OCEANS-L, and CHEMICALS-L.


Chris Spence, New Zealand
Deputy Director, IISD Reporting Services

Chris is the Deputy Director of IISD Reporting Services and Editor of Linkages Update, as well as the Issue Cluster Expert for Climate and Atmosphere, and Trade, Finance and Investment. After joining the ENB team in 1998, Chris has worked in various roles, including as editor of Linkages Journal (1999-2001) and climate change team leader (1999-2002 and 2005-). After consulting for various UN agencies and other organizations in 2003 and 2004, and completing a book on global warming, Chris returned full time to IISD Reporting Services in early 2005 as the new Deputy Director. Before he joined IISD, Chris was a political researcher and speechwriter (1992-95), investigative journalist (1995-99) and lobbyist (1997-98). More information.


Pamela Chasek, Ph.D., United States of America
Editor, IISD Reporting Services

Pam is trying to juggle motherhood, the Bulletin and an academic career. In addition to serving as the editor for the Bulletin, Pam has published articles on developing country capacity building for multilateral negotiations, scientific uncertainty in negotiations, professional cultures in negotiations, and various environmental treaties. Her most recent book is: Global Environmental Politics, 4th edition (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 2006). Pam is also Director of International Studies and an Assistant Professor of Government at Manhattan College in New York.


Diego Noguera, Colombia

Digital Manager, IISD Reporting Services

Diego is the Digital Manager for IISD Reporting Services. He is a good example of the new generation of online jobs, working mostly from Bogot� while solving the technical and digital problems of staff and consultants in New York, Geneva, Winnipeg and two dozen other cities worldwide. Diego has a BA in Computer Science and an MA in Networking and E-business.