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First African Water Week
26-28 March 2008 |Tunis, Tunisia

Mandla Gantsho, Vice President of the African Development Bank and Co-Chairman of the Water Week Steering Committee made introductory remarks.


On Thursday participants met in plenary all morning, and in three parallel working groups in the afternoon. In plenary, the meeting considered the topics of “Financing Infrastructure for Water Security” and “Addressing the Environmental and Social challenges”. The six topics considered by the working groups were meeting the water and sanitation-related targets of the MDGs, the infrastructure platform and transboundary cooperation, launching a roadmap for the Africa Ground Water Commission, water security for agricultural water use, addressing the environmental and social challenges, including climate change, and investing in information, knowledge and monitoring in the context of achieving water security.

Plenary 4: Financing Infrastructure for Water Security

Andrianarison Rakotobe, Director, African Development Bank (AfDb) gave a Key Note Presentation on Financing Infrastructure for Water Security Objectives.
H. E. M. Moleleki, Co-Chair
Michel Camdessus, Co-Chair
Gerard Payen, UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water (UNSGAB)
James Winpenny, Consultant
Kameel Virgee, Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP)

Lamin Nyabalb, Permanent Secretary, Department of State for Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters

Yogesh Vyas, AfDB
Mokhtar Bzioui, World Water Council
Georgette Ingani, Congo

Plenary 5: Addressing the Environmental and Social Challenges

L-R:Phera Ramoeli, South Afrcan Development Community (SADC); Ousmane Diallo, OSS; Anatole Kanyenkiko, Burundi's Minister for Environment; Zeinab El Bakri, AfDB; Ibrahim Thiaw, UNEP; Jonathan Matondo, University of Swaziland.
Jonathan Matondo gave a presentation on climate change and variability impacts on water Resources in Africa.
Kwame Obame-Abadio, IUCN, gave a presentation on the experience of reconciling socio-economic development and water resource conservation with the Volta water governance project.
Ibrahim Thiaw, UNEP
Ousmane Diallo, SSO gave a presentation on ground water resources management as key to adaptation to climate change.
Phera Ramoeli, SADC, gave a presentation on addressing the social and environmental challenges in the SDAC sub-region.
Soro Dohoba, Cote d'Ivoire
Mohamed Fawzi Ould Bedredine, High Commission, Dakar
Yazon Gnoumou, Regional Coordinator for Water for East Africa, IUCN.

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