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UN Biodiversity Conference - Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Well-Being

2-17 December 2016 | Cancún, Mexico

Highlights for Tuesday, 6 December 2016

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Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, COP 13 President with Mexican youth volunteers

IISD Reporting Services - COP 2016On Tuesday, 6 December, Working Group I discussed: implementation of Aichi Target 16 on the Nagoya Protocol; the third assessment and review of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety; monitoring and reporting under the Cartagena Protocol; compliance under both Protocols; assessment and review under the Nagoya Protocol; and resource mobilization and the financial mechanism under the Convention and both its Protocols. WG II addressed: invasive alien species (IAS); synthetic biology; pollinators; geoengineering; sustainable wildlife management; mainstreaming biodiversity; biodiversity and climate change; forest biodiversity; ecosystem restoration; progress towards Aichi Targets 11 (protected areas) and 12 (threatened species); and biodiversity and human health. Contact groups on IAS, ecologically or biologically significant marine areas (EBSAs) and synthetic biology met throughout the day.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Francis Dejon
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Meeting point at COP 13 featuring a video wall on biodiversity

Working Group I

L-R: Yibin Xiang, Manoela Pessoa de Miranda and Markus Lehmann, CBD Secretariat; WG I Chair Mette Gervin Damsgaard,
and Ravi Sharma, CBD Secretariat

Prudence Tangham Galega, Cameroon

Cai Lei, China

Hoang Thi Thanh Nhan, Viet Nam

El Khitma El Awad Mohammed Ahmed, Sudan

Wadzi Mandivenyi, South Africa

Dubrovka Stepic, Croatia

Mariana Bellot, Mexico

Mahaletchumy Arujanan, Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre

Simone Lovera, Global Forest Coalition (GFC)

L-R: Alejandro Lago, Santiago Carrizosa, Onno van den Heuvel,
and David Meyers, UN Development Programme (UNDP)

Chizuru Aoki, Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Working Group II

WG II dais

Leina Al-Awadhi, Kuwait

Ricarda Steinbrecher, Federation of German Scientists

Ana María Hernández Salgar, Colombia

Sorka Jannet Copa Romero, Bolivia

L-R: Allen Rojas, Eugenia Arguedas and Angela Gonzales, Costa Rica

L-R: Jim Louter and Brad Fraleigh, Canada

Mitzi Gurgel Valente da Costa, Brazil

Meenakumari Kunnuthara, India

Contact Group: Synthetic Biology

Delegates at the contact group on synthetic biology

View of the contact group on synthetic biology

COP 13 Snapshots

ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity booth

L-R: Enrique Lendo and Juan Mateos, Mexico, with Sabrina Shaw, IISD

“ Voices from the Good Earth,” an installation by Silas Birtwistle and Adam Birtwistle in collaboration with
the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD)

Participants at the COP 13 documentation counter

COP 13 mini guide

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