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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 9-20 February 2004

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Highlights for Tuesday 10 February 2004

COP-7 delegates met in two Working Groups (WGs). WG-I considered mountain biodiversity and protected areas (PAs). WG-II discussed technology transfer and cooperation. Delegates convened in an afternoon Plenary to hear progress reports on WG-I and WG-II’s work and statements by organizations, and to address draft decisions on invasive alien species (IAS). 

Above photo L-R: Hamdallah Zedan, CBD Executive Secretary, Dato’ Seri Law Hieng Ding, Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Olivier Jalbert, CBD during the afternoon plenary. 

Working Group I: Mountain Biodiversity 

Asghar Mohammadi Fazel
, Iran on behalf of the ASIA AND THE PACIFIC GROUP, says COP-7 should highlight mountains in the CBD Multi-Year Programme of Work and promote harmonization of the mountain work programme with other thematic areas.

Cheng Weixue (China)
notes that south-south and north-south cooperation are both important for the implementation of the mountains work programme.   


Captions from Left: Ibrahim Komoo (Malaysia) expressed support for the proposed work programme on mountain biodiversity; Gershom Gunyalli Onyango (Uganda) suggested that mountain ecosystem conservation be integrated into poverty alleviation programmes; Karen Brown (Canada) proposed adding references to indigenous communities in the work programme. 

Protected Areas:

Elaborating on the outcomes of the WPC, Peter Shadie (the IUCN) stressed the need for national-level gap analyses, particularly regarding marine and freshwater PAs.



Peter Bos
(the Netherlands) supports other delegates regarding the adoption of a concrete and realistic work programme on protected areas including targets, outcomes and timetables and building upon other CBD work programmes. 

Working Group II: Transfer of technology and technology cooperation

Xia Yingxzan (China), on behalf of the Asian Group, stressed the importance of technology transfer for the implementation of the CBD’s objectives and called for more political will to provide support and guidelines.


Fernando Casas (Colombia), on behalf of GRULAC, said that technology transfer should bee seen as means for conservation and sustainable use, as well as means for access and benefit sharing.

Tererei Abete-Reema
Kiribati on behalf of the Pacific SIDS pointed to the lack of progress in technology transfer. 

Osama Mohamed El tayeb
(Egypt) reminded delegates that technology transfer has repercussions on other issues such as ABS and traditional knowledge.


Ethiopia on behalf of the African Group, Ireland on behalf of the EU, Bangladesh on behalf of the Asia and Pacific Group, the Russian Federation, Switzerland and Norway asked for time to consult on the draft decisions on invasive alien species and requested that the documents be made available in all UN languages.

Above photos from Left: Tewolde Berhan Egzhiaber (Ethiopia), Mahfuzul Haque (Bangladesh), Robert Lamb (Switzerland) and Peter Schei (Norway)

Plenary: Statements

Rolf Jördens
(UPOV) said that soon more than 100 countries will be bound by both the provisions of UPOV and the CBD and advocated harmonization between the conventions.

A.H Zakri
(UNU-IAS) reported on its bio-diplomacy programme focusing on the use of intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge and bio-prospecting in Antarctica.

Allastair Sarre (ITTO) (left) said it was working on a network of conservation reserves covering over 11 million hectares, many of them trans-boundary. 

Listen to to the statements made by the delegates from (L-R) Shakeel Bahti (WIPO) Maria Fernanda Espinosa (IUCN) and Pekka Patosaari (UNFF)


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