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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 9-20 February 2004

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Highlights for Wednesday 11 February 2004

On Wednesday, COP-7 delegates met in two Working Groups (WGs). WG-I continued discussing protected areas (PAs). WG-II considered the follow-up to the WSSD, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPOW) and operations of the Convention, and started discussing the international regime on access and benefit-sharing (ABS). A brief Plenary was held in the afternoon to hear progress reports on WG-I and WG-II’s work, and statements by organizations. A contact group met in the evening to discuss ABS. Above photo  L-R: Nehemiah Rotich (UNEP), Dato’ Seri Law Hieng Ding (COP-7 President), Olivier Jalbert (CBD)

Working Group I: Protected Areas  

Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias (Brazil) requested including clear commitments for financial support and technology transfer in the work programme. 

Ben Turtur Donnie (Liberia) (above), for the AFRICAN GROUP, and supported by many delegations, called for the involvement of local and indigenous communities.  

The PHILIPPINES highlighted measures beyond PA boundaries and noted the recent establishment of a regional partnership. Above photo L-R: Menbers of the Philippine delegation headed by Mundita Lim (front) with  Beth Roxas, Norma Molinyawe and Elpidio Peria (back)

Grace Thitai (Kenya) said buffer zones and corridors are sources of wildlife and should be included in the work programme.



The COOK ISLANDS called for transfer of technology, expertise and finances and the incorporation of traditional science. Above photo: Tania Temata (Cook Islands)


Hüsniye Kiliçarslan (Turkey) (right) highlighted the sovereign rights of States over their resources and requested deletion of reference to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Working Group II: WSSD Follow-up

Ireland, on behalf of the EU, emphasized the importance of a concrete, strategic and coherent programme of work for the Convention that focuses on the achievement of the 2010 target. Above photo: Pat Gernon (Ireland)

Fernando Casas (Colombia) (above), said that the MYPOW did not adequately reflect the outcome of the WSSD with regard to sustainable development and the sustainable use of biodiversity.

Access and Benefit-Sharing:

The IIFB reiterated that any regime on access and benefit sharing without prior recognition of indigenous peoples� rights to self-determination and to their territories and resources, would be strongly opposed by the indigenous communities. Above photo: Le'a Kanehe (IIFB)

Geoff Burton (Australia) (above) said the WSSD�s call to negotiate an international ABS regime contains a commitment to promote the Bonn Guidelines� implementation, does not cover matters beyond the CBD�s scope, and should not lead to amending national ABS legislation. He stressed the importance of interacting with existing mechanisms and of establishing a rational negotiation process.

Algeria said an international ABS regime should build on experiences from various sources such as the Bonn Guidelines or regional and national ABS systems. Above photo: Boumediene Mahi (Algeria)

Norway said it has recently established a requirement to disclose the origin of genetic in patent applications. Above photo L-R: Norwegian delegates Grethe Evjen and Birthe Ivars

Plenary: Statements

The INTERNATIONAL PLANT GENETIC RESOURCES INSTITUTE called for a strengthened knowledge base on the links between biodiversity and food security. Above photo : Emile Frison (IPGRI)

COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT highlighted the need for awareness programmes and grassroots innovations. Above photo: James Seyani (Commonwealth Secretariat)

Side Event:  Business, Investment and the CBD

On 11 February, the CBD Secretariat and the UNU-Institute of Advanced Studies co-hosted a lunch-time side event on Business, Investment and the CBD. The meeting was chaired by David Cooper (left) of the CBD. 

Kerry ten Kate (left), Senior Visiting Fellow at IAS and Director of Investor Responsibility at Insight Investment in London gave a presentation on how to engage business to contribute to the objectives of the CBD.  She also encouraged CBD Parties to involve the investment sector, pointing out that mainstream investors can invoke business arguments to encourage companies to improve their management of biodiversity.  Some US$640 billion are now under management in the City of London by fund managers who engage with companies on some social, environmental and ethical issues.  For instance, Insight has a biodiversity & extractives programme.  In addition, there are some US$8bn of screened funds in the UK.  She closed by making a number of recommendations to the CBD community on how to involve business in the CBD process.  Contact kerry.tenkate@insightinvestment.com 

Martin Hollands, of Fauna and Flora International gave a presentation on the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative, in which FFI has participated, together with Shell, BP, Chevron Texaco, Statoil, TNC, CI, IUCN and the Smithsonian Institution.  He explained the two-year process in which the companies and NGOs had produced a range of tools for integrating biodiversity into oil and gas operations, including how to incorporate biodiversity into site selection,  EIA and environmental management systems.   The EBI documents also set out a business case for good management of biodiversity and a set of conclusions. All the documents can be found on www.ebi.org.  


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