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Resumed Session on the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Convention of the Parties (ExCOP) to Finalize and Adopt a Protocol on Biosafety

Montreal, CANADA; 24 - 28 January 2000


Plenary reconvenes in the roundtable "Vienna setting".

Wednesday 26 January 2000 : 

On Tuesday 24 January, Delegates met in the morning in the "Vienna roundtable setting" to hear reports from Contact Groups on commodities and scope.  General discussion focused on trade-related issues and the Protocol's relationship with other international agreements.  Contact Groups continued to meet for most of the day, while press conferences were scheduled with industry and NGO participants.

CBD Executive Secretary Zedan and ExCOP President Mayr in the Vienna setting
Hamdallah Zedan (l) and Juan Mayr (r) in the Vienna setting.

A lunchtime press conference with Klaus T�pfer, UNEP Executive Director and Juan Mayr, President of the ExCOP, was postponed due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Plenary reconvened on Tuesday evening in the "Vienna setting" to check on the status of the Contact Groups and to encourage their continued efforts to achieve agreements.


Photos from Monday night's evening reception:


Marc Auer and Beatriz Torres of the CBD Secretariat and its Clearing House Mechanism with Managing Director of IISD's Earth Negotiations Bulletin. >

< Members of Greenpeace

< Dr. Helen Marquard of the UK Department of the Environment smiles with ENB Managing Director, Kimo Goree.

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