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Sixth Session of the Contact Group for the Revision of the International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources (IU)

Spoletto, Italy, 23-28 April 2001

Sixth Session of the Contact Group for the Revision of the International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources (IU) 


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On Wednesday, 25 April, the Contact Group started discussing Article 12 (Facilitated Access) of the Chair's simplified text. Delegates specifically debated and drafted language regarding Articles 12.1, 12.2, 12.2(a) and 12.2(f). Additionally, developing countries introduced a proposal under Article 12.2 calling for financial remuneration for commercialization of PGRFA not used for purposes of research, breeding and training for food and agriculture (e.g., chemical, pharmaceutical or other non-food/non-feed industrial applications) with such benefits flowing to the Multilateral System or the country of origin of such PGRFA. A developed country also introduced a provision on providers of PGRFA recording to whom they have provided samples and providing such information to the donors of such samples upon request. In the afternoon, delegates discussed Article 12.2(d) regarding restrictions of IPR limiting facilitated access to PGRFA, or their genetic parts or components, in the form received from the MS. A few developed countries preferred deleting reference to genetic parts or components and some developing countries preferred deleting reference to in the form received. A group of developed countries and two other developed countries agreed with the Chair's text, highlighting it as a careful compromise among divergent positions. After some debate, all countries agreed to support the formulation in the Chair's text, except for four delegations.


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