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Thirteenth Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-13)  

18 February - 22 February 2008 | Rome, Italy

Highlights from Tuesday, 19 February 2008
Delegates met in the Committee of the Whole in the morning, and two working groups in the afternoon. The Committee of the Whole considered in-depth reviews of the work programmes on agricultural and forest biodiversity, Working Group I considered marine and coastal biodiversity, and Working Group II discussed invasive alien species and options for mutually supportive actions addressing climate change under the three Rio conventions.



José Antonio Prado Donoso, FAO, reported on the status of forest biodiversity, and described joint efforts to develop guidelines for sustainable forest management.
Frances Seymour, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), attributed deforestation to land conversion, infrastructure construction, unsustainable logging, market and governance failures, and uncertain property rights.

The Committee of the Whole

Kilian Delbrück, Germany, presented outcomes from an expert meeting held on the Isle of Vilm, Germany, including calls for sustainable financing of forest protected areas and strengthening of forest networks.
Fernando Gast Garders, Colombia, called for a focus on adaptation strategies.

Angel Sartori, Chile
Sikhumbuzo Dlamini, Swaziland
Cheng Wei Xue, China

Joseph Ronald Toussaint, Haiti, noted the importance of regional biological corridors for forest ecosystem connectivity.

Tania Veltheim, Finland
Vicente González, Mexico

Gopalan Balachandhran, India
Robert Lamb, Switzerland
Paul Borja, CBDC Network

Akram Eissa Darwich, Syria
Hakim Aulaiah, Yemen

Working Group I: Marine and coastal biodiversity

WG I Chair Gabriele Obermayr (middle) introduced a document on marine and coastal biodiversity (UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/13/4), including a list of ecological criteria and biogeographic classification systems for marine areas in need of protection, developed at an expert workshop held in October 2007. 
Ricardo Santos, University of the Azores, presented the workshop’s outcomes on: scientific criteria for identifying ecologically and biologically significant and representative marine areas in need of protection in open ocean waters and deep sea habitats.

Fernando Coimbra, Brazil, opposed transmitting the report from an earlier workshop held in Mexico City on biogeographic classification systems and bioregionalization to the COP.
Davey Stuart, Australia, stated that the CBD’s mandate extends only to the provision of scientific, technical and technological advice to more specialized bodies such as the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Argentina called for reference to UNCLOS and the International Seabed Authority.
Slovenia supported recommending that COP adopt the list of criteria developed by the expert workshop.

Working Group II: Invasive Alien Species and Biodiversity and Climate Change

Peter Kenmore, International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) gave an overview of the IPPC’s objectives, activities and collaboration with the CBD and other relevant organizations.
Linus Spencer Thomas (second from left) chaired WG II deliberations on climate change and biodiversity and invasive alien species.

Matthias Buck, European Community
Maria Mbengashe, South Africa
Arild Lindgaard, Norway

Side Events:

"Consultative Process towards an IMoSEB"
A side event organized by the Executive Secretariat of the Consultative Process Towards an International Mechanism on Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMoSEB) was held to present the main outcomes of the consultative process: the regional consultations, which took place in 2007, involving 70 countries and 40 international organizations; the final International Steering Committee recommendations (IISD report available at; as well as next steps for 2008.



"The contributions of Farmers and Pastoralists "
Organized by Practical Action on behalf of CBD Alliance and International NGO/CSO Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty.





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