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9th Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice of the Convention on Biological Diversity  

10 - 14 November 2003 | Montreal, Canada

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Highlights for Thursday, 13 November 2003

Delegates to the ninth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-9) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) met in Working Group and contact group sessions. Working Group I (WG-I) considered Conference Room Papers (CRPs) on mountain biodiversity, protected areas (PAs), sustainable use, the ecosystem approach, and invasive alien species (IAS). Working Group II (WG-II) discussed CRPs on monitoring and indicators, biodiversity and climate change, outcome-oriented targets and technology transfer and cooperation. A contact group met in the evening to finalize the draft programme of work (PoW) on PAs.

Above photo: Delegates from Argentina, Cameroon, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Sweden and Switzerland negotiating text on Protected Areas (WG-I). 

Working Group I: 

Above photo L-R: Delegates from Argentina, Malaysia and Spain negotiating text on Mountain Biodiversity


Antonietta Gutiérrez-Rosati (Peru) insisted on including reference to the fragility of mountain ecosystems to climate change, affecting glaciers and deserts in particular.

Above photo L-R: Delegates from Argentina, Spain and Australia negotiating text on Mountain Biodiversity


Mario Silva (Portugal) supported keeping a reference on mitigating the abandonment of traditional activities that maintain biological diversity in mountain ecosystems.

Ben Donnie (Liberia) proposed deleting a reference to the Bonn Guidelines on Access and Benefit-Sharing in the context of strengthening the capacity of indigenous peoples and local communities to have access to, and use, genetic resources.

Yaroslav Movchan (the Ukraine) called on Parties to make progress in considering the draft programme of work on protected areas.


Brazil said the draft programme of work on protected areas does not refer sufficiently to the provision of financial resources. Above photo: Fernando Jacques de Magalhães Pimenta (Brazil)

Above photo: Chair Robert Andren with Jo Mulongoy and Hamdallah Zedan  

Contact Group: Protected Areas

Above photo: Jan Plesnik (Czech Republic) chaired the evening contact group on Protected Areas.

Above photo: Contact Group on PAs burning the negotiation "Midnight Oil".

Working Group II:

Mexico requested to delete unclear reference on indicators referring to the dependency of poor people on biodiversity goods and services.

Above photo: Delegates from Norway maintain good spirits in spite of a late night session on the draft programme of work on technology transfer.

Above photo L-R: Mundita Lim and Elpidio Peria (the Philippines) looking over text on technology transfer while Pedro Ivo (Portugal) innocently sneak in the background.

Above photo: Indigenous representatives discussing text with Canada.

CHINA requested each operational target on technology transfer to have main actors and timelines for implementation. Above photo: Cheng Weixue (China)

COLOMBIA said that there should not be conditions on developing countries until an enabling environment was put in place to ensure technology transfer. Above photo: Fernando Gast Harders (Colombia)

The US suggested reference to the development of innovative partnerships as a tool to facilitate enabling environments for successful technology transfer. Above photo: Leonard Hirsch (US)

Above photo L-R: Veronique Allain (CBD) enjoys a lively discussion with SBSTTA-9 Chair Alfred Oteng-Yeboah.


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