First Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group 
on Protected Areas 

13- 17 June 2005, Montecatini, Italy




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Highlights for Tuesday 14, June 2005

Delegates to the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Protected Areas (PAs) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) convened in two sub-working group sessions. Sub-Working Group I (SWG-I) considered toolkits for the identification, designation, management, monitoring and evaluation of national and regional PA systems. SWG-I established a contact group on criteria for site identification for high seas PAs. Sub-Working Group II (SWG-II) addressed a conference room paper (CRPs) on options for mobilizing financial resources. 

Above photo L-R: Delegates from Ecuador discussing the draft recommendations in SWG-II with Isídro Gutierrez, Jose Gaundo, Antonio Matamoros, and Luis Suarez (Ecuador)



Special Message of the President of the Italian Republic H.E. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi to the First Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Protected Areas: 




In a message to the Working Group, the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi noted that the meeting is a renewal of Italy’s pledge towards preserving the ecosystem and protected areas. He highlighted the call for shared strategies aiming at establishing a coordinated course of action to establish a new humanism, combining environmental policies with ethics and economic development in a single model of constructive integration between peoples and nations. His full statement is available at:

Left photo: H.E. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, President of the Italian Republic (photo courtesy of UNESCO/Andrew Wheeler)








Above photos L-R: Above photos L-R: SWG-I Chair Karen Brown (Canada) suggested establishing a Friends of the Chair group to address criteria for site identification; The dais of SWG-I with David Coates (CBD), SWG-I Chair Brown, Marjo Vierros (CBD) and Jo Mulongoy (CBD)






MALAYSIA emphasized practical application of the toolkits and monitoring of their use through the clearing-house mechanism (CHM).

Above photo: Letchumanan Ramatha (Malaysia)

LIBERIA said toolkits should respect national laws.

Above photo: Ben Turtur Donnie (Liberia)

Recalling the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster, THAILAND and INDIA underlined the importance of developing toolkits for ecosystem restoration. 

Above photo: Nirawan Pipitsombat and Songtam Suksawang (Thailand)




Above photos L-R: NEW ZEALAND said that ecosystem classification is a prerequisite for a gap analysis (Brian Sheppard); ECUADOR proposed development of specific tools to carry out gap analysis, particularly on freshwater ecosystems (Antonio Matamoros); GUINEA-BISSAU presented a marine national park protecting a sea turtle habitat (Matilde Lopes); UNEP drew attention to the regional Cartagena Convention, which has developed a number of tools for PA management in the Caribbean, including MPAs (Ivonne Higuero).









Above photos L-R: The dais of SWG-II with Sarat Babu Gidda (CBD) and SWG-II Chair Orlando Santos; Delegates discussed a CRP containing draft recommendations on options for mobilizing financial resources, submitted by SWG-II Chair Santos (Cuba).






AUSTRALIA questioned chapeau language stating that the Working Group is making recommendations to Parties, rather than requesting the COP to do so.
Above photo: Andrew Brooke (Australia)

On options for implementing comprehensive financial plans for ensuring long-term financial support for PA systems, MEXICO supported reference to national trust funds rather than environmental or conservation ones.
Above photo: Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich (Mexico)




The IIFB, supported MEXICO in opposing a reference to resource extraction, and drew attention to the distinction between small-scale subsistence extraction and large-scale resource extraction. 
Above photo: Adrian Lasimbang (IIFB)

MADAGASCAR favored retaining the concept of redirection of perverse subsidies to support PAs. 
Above photo: Guy Suzon Ramangason (Madagascar)



contact group on high seas protected areas:




The contact group on criteria for site identification for high seas PAs, chaired by Alfred Oteng-Yeboah (Ghana), convened in the afternoon to consider proposals tabled by the EU and Canada

Delegates from the EU discussing proposals on criteria for site identification for high seas PAs. Above photo L-R: Damiano Luchetti (Italy), Robert van Dijk (the Netherlands), Luigina Fattorosi (Italy), Anna Maria Maggiore (Italy), and Nicoleta Tartaglini (Italy)







Above photos: Children reminding delegates of the biodiversity 2010 Countdown  during the side event hosted by IUCN.



Above photo L-R: Alessandro La Posta (Italy), Paola Deda (CMS) and Barbara di Giovanni (ENEA)

Above photo: Christoph Häuser (GBIF) and Beatriz Torres (GBIF) presenting GBIF electronic tools for the biodiversity community.



Above photo: Aballache Yesli (CBD)














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