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18 May 2009
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Second International Conference on
Chemicals Management (ICCM2)

11-15 May 2009 | Geneva, Switzerland

Highlights for Monday, 11 May 2009

ICCM2 convenes in Geneva

The Second Session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM2) convened in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday, 11 May 2009.

During the morning delegates heard opening speeches, addressed organizational matters and began discussion on evaluation of and guidance on implementation and review and update the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). After a brief introduction on rules of procedure, further discussion was referred to a contact group.  

In the afternoon plenary session, delegates discussed emerging issues including e-waste, chemicals in products and nanotechnology.  

Contact groups on rules of procedure and emerging issues, convened in the evening.
Daily highlights
Monday, 11 May - Tuesday, 12 May - Wednesday, 13 May - Thursday, 14 May - Friday, 15 May
L-R: Masa Nagai, Secretariat; ICCM2 President İvan Eržen, Slovenia; and Mathew Gubb, Secretariat
Franz Perrez, Switzerland, introduced a conference room paper proposing specific activities on nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterials.
O.O. Dada, Nigeria
Daniel Reifsnyder, US, said his country looked forward to shaping a “meaningful and effective” SAICM process.
Delegates during the morning plenary.
The dais during the opening session of ICCM2. L-R: Maria Bohn who delivered an address on behalf of her mother Viveka Bohn, President of the SAICM Preparatory Committee; Sylvie Lemmet, Director DTIE, who spoke on behalf of UNEP Executive Director, Achim Steiner; and Mathew Gubb, Secretariat.
A view of the Swiss Alps from Nyon, on the outskirts of Geneva.
Daily highlights
Monday, 11 May - Tuesday, 12 May - Wednesday, 13 May - Thursday, 14 May - Friday, 15 May
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