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Third Session on the  Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety
Salvador,Brazil  14-20 October 2000
                 Highlights from Wednesday, 18 October 
On the fourth day of FORUM III, Regional Groups met during the morning. Delegates assembled in an afternoon Plenary to discuss Barriers to Information Exchange, Information Exchange for Chemical Production Decision-making, Emission Inventories, and Awareness Raising. The ad hoc working groups on priorities for action, the Bahia Declaration, and the prevention of illegal traffic also convened during breaks and in the evening.

William Sanders (US) facilitator for the "Barriers to Information Exchange for the Sound Management of Chemicals" session, stated that having access to the Internet is an integral component of capacity building but is insufficient on its own. He noted that officials in many developing nations are often left out of the international exchange of chemical information.

James Willis (UNEP) said that the US/UNEP pilot project addresses a clear capacity building need in developing countries.

ENB writer Jonathan Krueger interviews Michel Mercier recipient of the Second IFCS Award of Merit about the evolution of the IFCS and its visions of the future.


Exhibition Booths

Cliff Curtis (WWF) in discussions with Craig Boljkovac (UNITAR) at the WWF exhibit.

Gero Vaagt (FAO), presenting a cd-rom on pesticides to ENB writer Jonathan Krueger.

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