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Eighteenth Meeting of the Animals Committee

San Jos, Costa Rica, 8-12 April 2002

Thursday, 11 April

Revision of Resolution Conf. 8.9
On Thursday, the group discussed: formulation of recommendations and their transmission to range States; inclusion of reference to implementation of adaptive management principles; measures to be taken if responses are unsatisfactory; monitoring of the Resolution; reporting to the COP and to the Animals and Plants Committees; reintroduction of species into the review process; support to range States; review of the Resolutions effectiveness; guidelines for development and assessment of significant trade field projects; and relevant provisions of Resolution Conf. 11.18 (Trade in Appendix II and III species). They agreed on, inter alia: ensuring flexibility in determining recommendations; establishing deadlines that reflect the nature of recommendations; adding text on funding or assistance for implementation of recommendations; maintaining a register of progress in review processes; and a review of the effectiveness of the resolution. Participants also agreed to amalgamate preambular text on concerns regarding implementation of Article IV

Review of animal taxa:
Chaired by the US, the working group met on Thursday afternoon, to consider: draft guidelines for the periodic review of animal taxa (AC18/Doc. 8.1/Annex 4); the rapid assessment technique for species to be reviewed (AC18/Inf. 13); the process for future reviews; and the three species reviews presented on Tuesday, 9 April. On the draft guidelines, delegates agreed that: the introduction needs reworking; the rapid assessment technique needs additional development; and they would continue work on the process for future reviews. On the three species reviewed, the group agreed to: retain Parnassius apollo on Appendix II; retain Anas aucklandica on Appendix I, noting that although there is no conservation benefit, biological criteria indicate it should remain there; and remove Cnemidophorus hyperythus from Appendix II

Transport of live animals
The working group on animal transport, Chaired by Germany, met Thursday afternoon. Discussion focused on implementation of Resolution Conf. 10.21, and consideration of a report on the results of a study on mortality data, with the group agreeing that the issue warrants further attention using different methods. The group stressed that concentrating on the period of transport alone is not enough, a broader perspective is needed, and the working groups scope should be widened. The group called for, inter alia, enforcement of the Resolution by incorporating International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animals Regulations either in domestic legislation of Parties or as a condition of permits. On the ongoing development of standards for animal transport and an associated database, the working group is by combining input from IATA standards and information on procedures used by zoological associations

Captive breeding
In discussions on Thursday, most delegates agreed on the rights of range States to place species on Annex 3, the list of species that are: categorized by the IUCN as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable; or difficult to breed in captivity; or nominated by a range State for inclusion. Delegates expressed concern that it may be difficult to establish a list for Annex 3 that is different than Appendix I, therefore the effort may be unproductive. Some participants proposed finding commonalities between species examples that meet the agreed criteria. Discussion covered issues considered outside the scope of the working groups mandate, including introduction of new genetic material to breeding stock and simplification of the registration process for breeding facilities. The working group recommended that further work is needed to examine or review the process of registration of facilities that breed Appendix I species

The working group on sharks, chaired by Europe, met on Thursday morning to discuss the report on the implementation of the International Plan of Action (IPOA) for sharks. The Chair noted lack of progress being made on fisheries management, particularly the implementation of the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO) voluntary IPOA, and suggested that more progress could be made if CITES gets involved. Delegates, however, noted increasing cooperation between CITES and FAO on shark and fisheries issues, and said that a memorandum of understanding (MOU) could be developed at COP-12. One delegate said the role of the Animals Committee should be limited as long as shark species are not Appendix-listed and that resources should be spent on listed species, while other delegates emphasized the need to discuss the shark issue in the context of future proposed listings. A majority of the working group agreed that further discussion on the potential role of CITES on sharks merits an agenda item at COP-12

The working group on freshwater turtles and tortoises, chaired by Europe, met on Wednesday night, 10 April and Thursday afternoon to revise recommendations regarding the conservation and trade of freshwater turtles and tortoises in Southeast Asia. Delegates expressed the need for all Parties, not just Asian countries, to collaborate on conservation and trade issues, as the trade goes beyond the region. There was also a call to enhance cooperation on law enforcement at the intra-regional and international level. Other delegates noted the need for Parties to report to the Secretariat on implementation progress and to consider ways the Secretariat could support funding needs in relation to the Resolution, while one delegate supported continuing the working group after COP-12 to follow up on implementation recommendation

Chair Hoogmoed with Alison Rosser, IUCN

Marco Polo Micheletti

Thomas Althaus

Amanda Vincent, Project Seahorse

Vincent Fleming, UK

Takashi Mori (left) and Yoshio Kaneko, Japan

Rodrigo Antonio Medellin, Mexico

Colman O'Criodain, European Commission

Thea Carroll, South Africa

Chris Schrmann, The Netherlands

Simon Nemtzov, Israel

Laura Reifschneider, International Elephant Foundation

Zhihua Zhou, China

Peter Pueschel, International Fund for Animal Welfare

Tim Inskipp, UNEP-WCMC

Agustin Iriarte Walton, Chile

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