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29th Meeting of the Animals Committee, Joint Meeting of the Animals and Plants Committees,
23rd Meeting of the Plants Committee of the Convention on International Trade
in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

18-27 July 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland

Highlights for Tuesday, 25 July 2017

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Musicians and instrument-makers participate in discussions on timber species at PC23.

CITES The 23rd meeting of the Plants Committee (PC23) met in parallel working groups throughout the day on Tuesday, 25 July.

In the morning, working groups met on the review of significant trade (RST), timber identification, periodic review of the appendices, and East African sandalwood (Osyris lanceolata). A working group on nomenclature met during lunch. In the afternoon, working groups met on the definition of the term “artificially propagated” and on rosewood timber species.

On RST, chaired by PC Nomenclature Specialist Noel McGough, the working group selected species-country combinations for review. The working group on timber identification focused on harmonizing and connecting reference collections and was chaired by Vera Teresinha Rauber Coradin (Brazil), representative for Central and South America and the Caribbean. The periodic review group, chaired by North America representative Isabel Camarena Osorno (Mexico), decided on plant species to recommend for periodic review and discussed ways to finance and facilitate periodic reviews. The working group on East African sandalwood, chaired by Africa representative Aurélie Flore Koumba Pambo (Gabon), met to draft a “realistic” workplan for assessing, among other things, the impact of legal and illegal trade on the conservation status of East African sandalwood.

In the working group on the definition of the term “artificially propagated,” chaired by Ocean representative Greg Leach (Australia) and Asia alternate representative Joeni Satijo Rahajo (Indonesia), participants considered problems with and potential solutions for different interpretations of terms. Participants in the working group on rosewood timber species, chaired by PC Chair Adrianne Sinclair, discussed implementation issues for rosewood and the interpretation of annotation 15 on "non-commercial shipments."

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Sean Wu
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Review of Significant Trade

View of the dais in the working group on review of significant trade

Nils Bourland, Belgium

Narcisse Lambert Mbarga, Cameroon

Augustin Ngumbi Amuri, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Melissa Blue Sky, Center for International Environmental Law

Serap Yilmaz, Turkey

Duangduen Sripotar, Thailand

Timber Identification

Robert Garner, ForestBased Solutions, LLC

David Newton, TRAFFIC

Chair Vera Teresinha Rauber Coradin, PC representative for Central and South America and the Caribbean

Haruko Okusu, CITES Secretariat

Milena Sosa Schmidt, CITES Secretariat

Deshni Pillay, South Africa

Periodic Review

Chair Isabel Camarena Osorno, PC representative for North America

East African Sandalwood

Chair Aurélie Flore Koumba Pambo, PC representative for Africa

Aysha Ghadiali, US

Tom De Meulenaer, CITES Secretariat

Rosewood Timber Species

View of the dais in the working group on rosewood timber species

Anne St. John, US

Ursula Moser, PC representative for Europe

PC Chair Adrianne Sinclair, Canada

Marco Ciambelli, France

Michael Jousserand, Confederation of European Music Industries

Definition of “artificially propagated”

View of the working group on definition of “artificially propagated”

Susan Leopold, American Herbal Products Association

Yan Zeng, China

Wita Wardani, Indonesia

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