CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

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Highlights for Monday, 4 June 2007

The fourteenth Conference of the Parties (CoP14) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) convened in plenary on Monday morning, 4 June 2007, and addressed: organizational matters; reports by the Animals Committee, Plants Committee, Standing Committee and Nomenclature Committee meetings; and cooperation with other organizations. In the afternoon, delegates met in closed sessions with their regional groups.


  CoP14 President Gerda Verburg, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Netherlands, highlighted the human aspects of CITES, noted that the conservation of plants and animals must go hand in hand with the improvement of livelihoods.   Cristian Maquieira, Standing Committee Chair, Chile, welcomed improvements in institutional cooperation, including discussions on admitting CITES as an observer at the WTO.    
  Willem Wijnstekers, CITES Secretary-General.   Jonathan Bardzo, Head of the CITES Convention Support Unit.  
  Victoria Lichtschein, Argentina, supported by Jochen Flasbarth, Germany on behalf of the EU, stated that a review of whale stocks should not take place under CITES as whale stocks are being examined by the International Whaling Commission.  
  Youth representatives Arjan Hassing, the Netherlands, and Patience Mayaki, Nigeria, called on other multilateral environmental agreements to follow suit in organizing student CoPs.   Youth representatives Sarah Takens and Caresse Spapens, the Netherlands, addressed the Conference, noting their concern about illegal poaching of elephants.    
  Margarita Clemente, Plants Committee Chair, Spain.   David Morgan, Head of the CITES Scientific Support Unit.   Thomas Althaus, Animals Committee Chair, Switzerland.  
  Noel McGough, Nomenclature Committee Co-Chair for Flora, UK.   Ute Grimm, Nomenclature Committee Co-Chair for Fauna, Germany.    


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