12 June 1998          Bonn, Germany


The Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice (SBSTA) met in the morning and afternoon to adopt decisions. The Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) met in the afternoon to consider election of officers, non-Annex I communications, review of information and arrangements for intergovernmental meetings. The Ad Hoc Group on Article 13 (AG13) adopted the report of its meeting. Contact groups continued discussions throughout the day.

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Photos from the FCCC Subsidiary Bodies

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The PHILIPPINES, for the Asian Group, stated that no agreement had been reached on the election of the Vice-Chair because the incumbent regional group intended to keep it for a second term.
AUSTRIA recalled that the Rules of Procedure allow a second term and called for making use of the experience of WEOG's (Western European and Others Group) candidate. She expressed WEOG's willingness to undertake further consultations.
The delegate for Iran voiced his support for the Philippines' proposal.
JORDAN said his government would be pleased to host COP-5.
The Chair of the SBI said the date and venue for COP-5 would be kept open until SBI-9. SAUDI ARABIA sought clarification on the high-level segment at COP-4.
The Climate Technology Initiative brought speakers together for a panel discussion entitled "Kyoto to Buenos Aires and Beyond". The meeting reported on the restructuring of CTI and its plans to foster accelerated development and diffusion of climate-friendly technologies.
RealAudio of the speaker's presentations:
Opening address by Dr. Abraham Haspel; Chair of the CTI
Dr. Maria Dalla Costa; Italian Agency for New Technology, Energy and Environment
Shoji Kusada, Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan
Elmer Holt; US deleguate
(Representative for) Bob Alderson; Dept. of Primary Industries and Energy of Australia
Shoji Kusada, second presentation
Mary Preville; IEA
M. Kurushima: "Technology diffusion in Asia"
Closing remarks, Dr. Abraham Hespel
"Actually, Dr. Hespel is busy at the moment... would you like to leave a message?"
The "Carbon Efficiency Mobility" forum discussed the impact of transportation on climate change.  The event was organised by the European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future (E5), the International Association for Public Transport (UITP) and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE).
RealAudio of the speaker's presentations:
Dr. Paul Metz; Executive Director of E5
Roger Torode; International Union of Public Transportation
Anke Herold; �ko-Institut
FCCC Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar met with representatives from environmental NGOs in order to brief them on the state of the negotiations.
Delegates eating and discussing by the cafeteria outside the main meeting hall.

In keeping with our times, the CyberCafe (right) was a popular destination among delegates wishing to do research, read up on the day's events or send e-mail. The public terminals were provided and maintained by the FCCC's Information Technology team.
The ENB's Deborah Davenport and Peter Doran listening to the translators during the morning SBI meeting.

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