UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies SBI-10 and SBSTA-10
31 May - 11 June 1999

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Final briefing for 3 June

Bomb scare halts negotiations
A hoax bomb warning telephoned to the Maritim Hotel disrupted negotiations at the subsidiary bodies this afternoon. Negotiators and conference staff were evacuated and not permitted to re-enter the hotel until after 7 o’clock in the evening. Negotiations were abandoned and re-scheduled. Security sources reported that the bomb warning referred to a device timed to explode at 5 o’clock. Police conducted a search at the hotel. Photos below.

National communications from Annex I Parties: EU determined to keep per capita reporting in guidelines for preparing communications
During the morning, an informal contact group considered elements for a revision of the guidelines for the preparation of national communications by Annex I Parties, focusing on non-inventory issues. The draft elements under discussion were prepared after a workshop in Bonn earlier this year. Country representatives discussed the purpose of the guidelines and the extent to which revisions should be considered for the preparation of the third national communications by Annex I Parties and for the adoption of a decision at COP-5. A number of simple revisions were considered a suitable objective for COP-5.

At the informal contact group today, the US questioned the need for the guidelines to include suggested lists of relevant information and time periods for inclusion in national reports. On the suggested reporting data on country economic profiles, the US sought to delete references to measurements based on "GDP per capita" and "purchasing power parity basis". The EU objected and insisted on the importance of measuring GDP per capita for drawing accurate comparisons between countries. On the suggested reporting requirements on energy, the US sought to delete references to "energy intensity measured as total primary energy supply per unit of GDP" and "total primary energy supply per capita."

The EU is reported to be determined to keep the references to per capita measurements of GDP and energy use to ensure that accurate comparisons of data are possible, notably with the US.

Negotiators are also considering a new draft of the guidelines section on inventories following discussions Tuesday.

Photos and RealAudio from 3 June

SBSTA Plenary: Development and Transfer of Technology

Hiroharu Koike announces that the Japanese Government is to give US$100,000 to the Asia-Pacific regional workshop in order to facilitate their deliberations.

Philip Gwage (Uganda) speaks on the transfer of technology and the expectations of the G77/China concerning the consultative process.

Joint contact group


Prof. Mark Mwandosya (Tanzania) and Jim Penman (UK) chair the joint contact group on guidelines for the preparation of national communications from Annex 1 Parties.

Special events


Dr Robert Watson (World Bank, IPCC), delivers the opening presentation on the Prototype Carbon Fund at a special event convened by the World Bank.

World Bank's Global Climate Change site: http://www-esd.worldbank.org/cc

Dr. Ken Newcombe, Manager of the Protocol Carbon Fund, World Bank, speaks to the ENB about the primary objectives of the PCF and the need to "learn by doing".

Representatives of the World Bank Ilumex AIJ pilot project, first recipients of the draft GHG Reductions Certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) . From left to right: Kerri Poore (WB), Jesse Uzzell (DNV), Marte Gehardsen (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway), Johannes Heister (WB) and Marcia Gowan (ICF Consulting Group).

Climate Technology Initiative announced the CTI Climate Technology Awards Programme and presented updates on a range of programs including CTI/Industry Joints Seminars in developing regions, capacity building activities, training courses, and technology assessment. The special event was chaired by Dr. Abe Haspel, Chairman of CTI (far right).

Michael Rucker (IEA, far left of the above photo), on the Climate Technology Initiative
(technology diffusion seminar), convened by the International Energy Agency

For more info: http://www.climatetech.net/

Miscellanous photos: the bomb scare


Conference participants and hotel staff after the evacuation of the Maritim hotel. Negotiations were suspended mid-afternoon due to a hoax bomb warning. Micheal Zammit Cutajar, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, can be seen leaveing the Maritim on the right.


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