UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies SBI-10 and SBSTA-10
31 May - 11 June 1999

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Briefing for 7 June

‘Waiting for Godot’ - Or Waiting for the G-77/China
With a plea for prayers for G-77/China negotiators attempting to reach agreement on the group’s approach to the Kyoto Mechanisms, the joint contact group on mechanisms was adjourned once again on Monday afternoon by Chairman Chow. The latest adjournment to provide time for the G-77/China to reach agreement prompted one NGO observer to suggest that the ‘G’ in G-77/China might come to signify ‘Godot’ as in ‘Waiting for Godot.’

The difficulties within the G-77/China are said to lie in three areas:

  1. Tradability: a number of positions on the issue of the tradability of credits generated by the flexibility mechanisms have emerged. For example, it is reported that at least one country in South America is promoting a proposal that would allow developing countries to establish CDM projects unilaterally and market the certified emission reductions. This would open up the possibility of reversing the order of CDM transactions and create problems with establishing financial additionality.
  2. Emissions avoidance: fearful that counties in Africa will miss out on CDM-driven investment due to its low share of current global carbon emissions, an argument has been put forward for rewarding projects that lead to sustainable development projects that help countries avoid emissions. African delegations are promoting the incorporation of emissions avoidance into the criteria for the calculation of baselines.
  3. Adaptation Fund: The African group is reported to be in support of an OPEC proposal to link the use of adaptation funds to the issues covered in Convention Articles 4.8 and 4.9 on the needs and concerns of developing country Parties arising from the adverse effects of climate change and/or the impact of the implementation of response measures
Photos and RealAudio from 7 June

SBSTA Plenary

Members of the secretariat in discussion prior to the opening of the SBI.

The Indonesian delegation confer prior to the morning meeting of the SBI.

The Mexican delegation in a huddle before the 7th meeting of the SBI.

Venezuela on behalf of the G-77/China tables a draft decision on arrangements for COP-5

The UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Michael Zammit Cutajar explains that the secretariat has considerably scaled down its plans for the biennium 2000-2001, given reaction at the subsidiary bodies to his budget proposal.

Special event: The GEF 1999 Global Environment Leadership Awards

Mohamed El Ashry, CEO and Chairman of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), speaks at the Global Environment Leadership Award ceremony in Bonn. He expressed admiration for the recipients' long and dedicated commitment to work on climate change issues.

Dr. Uschi Eid, Deputy Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany, spoke on the innovative work of the awardees.

Prof. Bert Bolin's acceptance speech after receiving the Global Environment Facility's Leadership Award. He noted the importance of economics in relationship to climate change and the necessity of establishing international cooperation. Bolin is a former Chair of the IPCC.

Ambassador Bo Kjellén's (Sweden) acceptance of the Global Environment Leadership Award presented by Mohamed El-Ashry on behalf of the GEF. He noted the contribution of Sweden to international efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

GEF website: http://www.gefweb.org/

Special event: Emissions Trading & Early Credit

Standing room only at the special event, "Emission Trading: Domestic/Regional and International Models", convened by the US and European Business Councils for sustainable energy.

Post-event interviews:

Carrie Sonneborn, Acting Executive Director, from the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) discussed EcoCarbon (formerly the WA Emissions Trading Working Group) with ENB's Jeffrey Anderson.

E-mail: clsonneborn@mypostbox.com

Lisa Jacobson, Director, International Programs at BCSE, discussed draft legislation before the US Senate and the BCSE's philosophy of "start early - start small".

E-mail: ljacobson@bcse.org

Special event: US Sequestration


Jennifer L. Morgan, Climate Policy Officer, World Wildlife Fund spoke today about U.S. sequestration potential under article 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol.

E-mail: jennifer.morgan@wwfus.org
WWF-US website: http://www.wwfus.org/

Reception by Head of German Delegation


Ms Cornelia Quennet-Thielen, Head of Division, German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, greets guests at a reception organized by the German Presidency of the European Union at the restaurant of the German Parliament. Ms. Quennet-Thielen announced that the former parliament building was under consideration as a possible location for the UNFCCC Secretariat and sessions.

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar in conversation with Ms Cornelia Quennet-Thielen.

Guests of the Head of the German delegation enjoying the reception

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