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15 September

UNFCCC workshop on Adaptation Planning and Practices under the Nairobi Work Programme on Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change

10-12 September 2007 | Rome, Italy

Highlights from Monday and Tuesday, 10-11 September

Welcome and opening statements, and introduction, scope and orientation of workshop
SBSTA Chair Kishan Kumarsingh, Trinidad and Tobago (left), chaired the workshop, and Alexander Müller, Assistant Director-General, Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, FAO (right)
Kishan Kumarsingh (left) chaired the workshop and Youssef Nassef, UNFCCC Secretariat (right)
Roberto Acosta, Coordinator of the Adaptation, Technology and Science Programme, UNFCCC secretariat (left), said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment reports have been important for raising the profile of adaptation, by describing future climate change impacts. Alexander Müller, FAO (right), highlighted climate change links with agriculture, forestry and fisheries. He emphasized that agriculture contributes to climate change through land-use change, deforestation, livestock production and greenhouse gas emissions.
Olga Pilifosova, UNFCCC (left), gave a brief overview of the NWP. She explained the importance of such high-profile workshops, highlighting that the outcomes are intended to identify adaptation activities and gaps and catalyze actions.
María Gutíerrez, UNFCCC secretariat, described submissions on adaptation planning and practices, noting that most reflect that activities are in the early stages of implementation.
Jeff Tschirley, FAO (left), discussed the FAO perspective on planning and practices. Annett Möhner secretariat (right), described relevant activities and outputs of the LEG, CGE, and EGTT, for example the LEG database on local coping strategies and the EGTT practitioners' guide on preparing technology projects for financing.
Left photo: Pablo Suarez, Red Cross/Red Crescent (center) speaks with Janot Reine Mendler de Suarez, GEF-IW: LEARN, and Koko Warner, UNU. Right photo: Richard Klein, Stockholm Environment Institute, and Glenn Dolcemascolo, UNEP
Adaptation planning and practices in different sectors and contribution of traditional knowledge: break-out groups addressed agriculture and food security, water resources, coastal zones, and health
Adaptation planning and practices across different levels and sectors
SBI Chair Bagher Asadi, Iran, discussed reflections on the outcomes of the UNFCCC regional workshops on adaptation
Four parallel break-out groups: adaptation planning and practices at the national level, adaptation planning and practices at the subnational level, coordination and integration across sectors, and coordination and integration at the international and regional levels

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