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Workshop participants enjoying the Finnish summer


Workshop on synergies and cooperation with other conventions

Espoo, Finland | 2 - 4 July 2003


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Thursday 3 | On Thursday, 3 July, participants convened in four working groups during the morning to each discuss guiding principles for achieving synergies, practical ways of achieving synergies at the national level, the role of the international community in providing impetus to achieving synergies, and ways in which the international community can enhance synergies and interlinkages at the convention level. They considered the Groups’ reports during a panel discussion on identifying possible synergies and joint actions. In the afternoon, Halldor Thorgeirsson, Chair of the SBSTA, opened the SBSTA portion of the workshop, and presented an overview of SBSTA activities relevant to cooperation between conventions. Several government representatives spoke on their national experiences in achieving synergies between conventions. Jerry Velasquez, United Nations University, presented on technology transfer, education and outreach, and capacity-building as a cross-cutting area under the Rio conventions.

In the morning, participants convened in four Working Groups to discuss approaches, chal-lenges and opportunities to addressing synergies and joint action.
Rawson Yonazi, Tanzania, summarizes the discussions of Working Group 3.
A panel of workshop participants gives presentations on national experiences in establishing synergies between conventions. From left to right: Suhel al-Janabi (Germany), Outi Berghäll (Finland), Virginia Sena (Uruguay), Dora Kulauzov (Hungary), and Gisela Alonso Dominguez (Cuba).
Jerry Velasquez, United Nations University, delivers a key note speech on technology transfer, education and outreach, and capacity building as cross-cutting areas under the Rio conventions.
Stas Burgiel, Defenders of Wildlife, highlights the role of the Global Biodiversity Forum in creating dialogue between different stakeholders.

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More information on this meeting is available from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: http://unfccc.int/sessions/workshop/020703/index.html.

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