News from the Framework Convention on Climate Change COP-2

Updated 23 July 1996

COP-2 Round-up

The Second Conference of the Parties (COP-2) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) met in Geneva from 8-19 July 1996. More than 1500 participants from governments, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs took part in the meetings. While many of the more contentious issues, such as treatment of the IPCC Second Assessment Report (SAR), were left unresolved COP-2 did produce some important political statements. The COP concluded by noting the "Geneva Declaration," which endorses the IPCC conclusions and calls for legally binding objectives and significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Conference also saw a significant shift in position by the US, which for the first time supported a legally binding agreement to fulfill the Berlin Mandate. However, even as Parties prepared to strengthen commitments, COP-2 highlighted the sharpest differences yet between delegations. The strong declarations of support for the SAR were far from unanimous, suggesting the need for substantial work in future sessions of the COP's subsidiary bodies before COP-3 in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997.

Here is our ENB summary report in English and will be available in French in the coming days.

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John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda) confers with Monique Barbut (France) over GEF funding matters

The 8 Julyissue of the ENB includes a comprehensive history of the process to date in English and in French

Upcoming meetings related to Climate Change

FCCC SUBSIDIARY BODIES: The FCCC subsidiary bodies will meet from 9-18 December 1996 in Geneva. AGBM-5 is scheduled for 9-13 December 1996. The meeting will begin with Round Table sessions and the formal agenda is expected to begin on 10 December 1996. SBSTA-4 and AG-13-3 are scheduled for 16-18 December 1996. SBI-4 has been scheduled for 10-11 December 1996 and is intended to resolve the questions on the Annex to the Memorandum of Understanding to the GEF.

The subsidiary bodies are also scheduled to meet from 24 February - 7 March 1997 in Bonn. SBSTA-5 and SBI-4 will meet from 24-28 February 1997. AGBM-6 and AG-13-4 will be held from 3-7 March 1997. This schedule will be reviewed at the December meetings.

COP-3: COP-3 is scheduled for 1-12 December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan. SBSTA, SBI and AG-13 will not meet during COP-3, which will be reserved for the AGBM. For information contact the UNFCCC Secretariat; tel: +41 22 979 9111; fax: +41 22 979 9034; e-mail: As of 12 August 1996, the Secretariat can be contacted at: tel: +49-228-815-1000; fax: +49-228-815-1999; e-mail: Also try the home page of the Secretariat and UNEP's Information Unit for Conventions at

IPCC WORKSHOPS: A Workshop on the Preparation of Regional Climate Projections for Impact will be held in London from 24 - 26 September 1996. It will be a meeting of modeling communities (including emissions, climate and impacts) to develop recommendations for regional climate projections for the impact of assessments for use in the preparation of the IPCC's Third Assessment Report. The IPCC will also hold workshops on integrated assessment modeling in France (October 1996) and Japan (March 1997). As a follow-up, a workshop on adaptation measures will be held in Canada in 1997. In addition, three meetings of experts have been organized on emissions inventory methodologies. These are part of the ongoing work programme on inventory methodologies aimed at submitting revised methodologies to IPCC-12. For more information contact: IPCC Secretariat, WMO, 41 Av. Giuseppe-Motta, C.P. N 2300, 1211 Geneva 2 Switzerland, tel: +41 22 730 8215/254/284, fax: +41 22 733 1270, e-mail:


International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation-Technologies and Measures: This workshop is co-sponsored by the US Country Studies Program (USCSP), Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zuzammenarbeit (GTZ) mbH, the People's Republic of China (PRC) State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canadian Environmental Protection Service and others. The workshop, scheduled for 12-15 November 1996 in Beijing, will provide an international forum for the exchange of information among representatives of countries conducting studies on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies and measures and other international experts. For information contact: Ron Benioff, USCSP, 1000 Independence Ave. SW, PO-63, Washington, DC 20585, USA, tel: +1 202 426-0011, fax: +1 202 426-1540, e-mail:; Prof. Wu Zongxin, China Country Study Office (CCSO), Energy Science Bldg., Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, PRC, tel: +8610-259-4828; fax: +8610-256-4177; e-mail; THINET@beep2, Also try

International Workshop on the Preparation of Climate Change Action Plans: This workshop, co-sponsored by the Indonesian Ministry of the Environment and the USCSP, is scheduled for January 1997. The workshop will provide a forum for countries to share their experiences and preliminary results from their planning activities, as well as training and technical assistance to countries on the preparation of climate change action plans. Participation is open to all countries. For information contact: Sandy Guill, USCSP, P.O. Box 63, 1000 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20585, USA, tel +1 202 426-1464, fax: +1 202 426-1540 or 1551, e-mail:

International Conference on Environmental Implications of Energy and Transport Subsidies: The Conference, scheduled for 11-12 September 1996, is organized by the OECD, the Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment, with support from US EPA. Its objectives are to: review studies on the environmental and economic effects of removing subsidies and other supports to energy and transport; and consider advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to reforming policies and addressing externalities in the energy and transport sectors. For information contact: Laurie Michaelis, OECD, tel: +33 1 45 24 98 17, fax: +33 1 45 24 78 76, e-mail:; GianCarlo Tosato, ENEA, tel: +39 6 3048 3958, fax: +39 6 3048 3657; e-mail

Landfill Gas-to-Energy Training Workshops: The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is sponsoring workshops for government officials and private-sector firms to learn about the benefits of landfill gas-to-energy recovery projects, which involve capturing methane produced from landfills or large open dumps for use as a cost-effective energy source. The workshop for Asia and the Pacific is scheduled for 22 August 1996 at the UN Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop for Central and Eastern Europe is scheduled for 9 September 1996 at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland. For more information contact: Tom Kerr, US EPA, tel: +1 202 233-9768; fax: +1 202 233-9569; e-mail:

International Conference on Energy Efficiency  Technologies and Services: This conference is scheduled for 3-5 September 1996 in Monterey, California, USA. For information contact Ron Benioff, USCSP, 1000 Independence Ave. SW, PO-63, Washington, DC 20585, USA, tel: +1 202 426-1637, fax: +1 202 426-1551. Also try


Conference on AIJ from the Perspective of Developing Countries: At the initiative of the Netherlands, Development Alternatives is organizing a Conference on AIJ from the perspective of developing countries from 8-10 January 1997 in New Delhi, India. The objectives of the Conference are: to evaluate activities that are planned to be implemented jointly by Annex I and non-Annex I Parties; to assess learning experiences from current and proposed projects for input to the COP and its subsidiary bodies; to promote the role of the private sector and NGOs in AIJ; and, to contribute to formulating a methodology to design a pilot phase AIJ project and develop indicators to measure local and global benefits. For more information contact: K. Chatterjee, Conference Coordinator, Development Alternatives, B-32 Qutab Institutional Area, Hauz Khaz, New Delhi 110016, India, tel: +91 11 66 5370 or +91 11 65 7938, fax: +91 11 686 6031, e-mail:

UNEP Conference on Activities Implemented Jointly under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, San Jose, Costa Rica: This Conference, scheduled for 29-31 October 1996, will be sponsored by UNEP in collaboration with the Earth Council and the Government of Costa Rica. The meeting is designed to support the work of the FCCC as it prepares the work programme on AIJ. The working session will be organized into a series of round table discussions to promote and open and frank exchange of views. The meeting will emphasize the airing of concerns of host countries and investing organizations. For more information contact UNEP, C.P. 356, Geneva Executive Center, 1219 Chbtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland, Tel: +41 22 979 9111; fax: +41 22 797 3464 Also try UNEP at