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  UNFCCC - COP5 Negotiations Monday, 1 November
WWF presentations on global warming
Following the presentation of WWF's recently commissioned studies on "America's Global Warming Solutions" and "Options for the Mitigation of Climate Change in Argentina", Jennifer Morgan, Climate Policy Officer for WWF International (pictured here with Steve Bernow, Tellus Institute), suggests alternative strategies which could potentially reduce GHG emissions, while creating new jobs, increasing net economic gain and going beyond its Kyoto targets toward a clean energy future:
Jennifer Morgan's statement

Roberto Aguirre, an Argentine energy specialist affiliated with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, International, describes Argentina's trends in energy consumption, emissions outputs, reduction potentials, and the general public's need for education in efficient energy use:
Roberto Aguirre's statement

Roberto Aguirre is pictured on the right with Javier Corcuera, Fundacion Vida Silvestre Argentina

Climate Technology Initiative Awards Ceremony

Climate Technology Initiative (CTi) presented two individuals with the World Climate Technology Leadership Award and three organizations with the World Climate Technology Award for 1999. The awards recognize success in stimulating the adoption of climate friendly technologies and practices in developing countries and in countries in transition.

The winners of the leadership award are: Rakesh Bakshi, Managing Director, RBB Consulting and Engineering, India, for the commercialization of wind energy and other renewable energy sources and William Chandler, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, US. The recipient organizations are the Swedish program for an Environmentally Adapted Energy System (EAES), the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd., and the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. Two previous CTi Chairs are also recognized for their leadership and guidance in defining and furthering the goals of this multilateral activity. They are Bert Metz, Netherlands, and Seiji Oshima, Japan.

The CTi secretariat, part of the International Energy Agency, pursues capacity building in developing countries and countries with economies in transition through training courses, seminars, information dissemination through the Internet, cooperative assessment of developing country technology needs, studies, research and publications.

Rakesh Bakshi, Director, RBB Consulting and Engineering, India, winner of the CTi World Climate Technology Leadership Award for commercializing wind energy and other renewable energy sources

Robert Priddle, IEA Executive Director, and William Chandler, winner of the CTi World Climate Technology Leadership Award for founding a global network of energy efficiency centres in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

V. Bakthavatsalam (left), who accepted the CTi World Climate Technology Leadership Award for the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd, and Rakesh Bakshi (Mr. Veul, who received the award for SNV Netherlands Development Organization, is not pictured)

Thomas Korsfeldt accepting the CTi World Climate Technology Leadership Award for the Swedish program for an EAES

Abraham Haspel, CTi Chairman, US Department of Energy, with Seiji Oshima, Japan

Bert Metz, the Netherlands
NGOs won't fake it
Environmental NGOs staged a dramatic intervention in the corridors of the conference centre. While US government delegates were briefing negotiators on a US report highlighting US action on climate change entitled "Taking Action on Climate Change", NGO representatives dressed as US President Clinton and Vice President Gore released a counter report titled "United States: Faking Action on Climate Change". Participants sported "No Faking It" buttons. The NGO report systematically counters claims by the Clinton Administration about its domestic action to tackle climate change.

The 4th meeting of the UNEP High-level Committee of Ministers and Officials (HLCOMO), elected at the 20th UNEP Governing Council, met throughout the day. Items on the agenda included: the report of the Executive Director on recent UNEP activities, including a presentation on water; UNEP contributions to the UN medium-term plan for the period 2002-2005; implementation of GA resolution A/RES/53/242, report of the Secretary-General on environment and human settlements, with a report by the Executive Director; and globalization.

The Bureau members for the HLCOMO are: Chair Simon Khaya Moyo, Zimbabwe; Vice-Chairs Maria Julia Alsogaray, Argentina, Wang Zhijia, China, and Jan Szyszko, Poland; and Rapporteur, Philippe Roch, Switzerland.

Klaus T�pfer, UNEP Executive Director

Topfer and Simon Khaya Moyo, Zimbabwe

Philippe Roch, Switzerland

Participants peruse the documents before the meeting

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