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  UNFCCC - COP5 Negotiations Monday, 25 October

Report of the joint IPCC/Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) under the Montreal Protocol Expert Meeting on options for the limitation of emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and perfluorocarbons (PFCs).

Ogunlade R Davidson, Co-Chair, IPCC Working Group II (e-mail: ogunlade.davidson@risoe.dk, on the left), and Dr. Lambert Kuijpers, Member of the TEAP HFC and PFC Task Force (e-mail: lambermp@wxs.nl, right), talk to Peter Doran about their report. Ogunlade sets the scene, describing the origins of the report, which is to presented to SBSTA at COP-5.

RealAudio interview

Some useful web sites:

Energy Centre, Netherlands:
NOAA Handbook on global warming:
UNEP Solvents Committee:
Worldwatch Institute:

Presenter Irina Yesserkepova, National Focal Point on Climate Change of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at a side event on the results of a study on her country's GHG inventory and mitigation assessments.

NGOs push for sound Compliance regime

A number of NGOs have tabled recommendations to inform negotiations at COP-5 on the design and implementation of a compliance regime for the Kyoto Protocol. A number of these ideas were the subject of discussion at a side event Monday evening.

NGOs such as Greenpeace believe that it is essential to the Protocol´┐Żs environmental and economic success and that major elements and principles must be agreed at COP-6 when the rules for the flexible mechanisms are adopted. They want to see COP-5 make substantial progress and establish a well resourced process, working all the way up to COP-6.

Useful links for NGOs working on compliance issues:

Jennifer L. Morgan (e-mail: jennifer.morgan@wwfus.org), Worldwide Fund for Nature & Stephen J. Porter (e-mail: cielus@igc.apc.org), Centre for International Environmental Law are the authors of a discussion draft prepared for COP-5, Compliance Institutions for the Kyoto Protocol: A Joint CIEL/WWF Proposal.

Glenn Wiser and Donald Goldberg (left) of the Centre for International Environmental Law have prepared a report, The Compliance Fund: A New Tool for Achieving Compliance Under the Kyoto Protocol.

Tim Hargrave (right), Ned Helme, Suzi Kerr and Tim Denne (e-mail: mailto:general@ccap.org) at the Center for Clean Air Policy have written a report, Defining Kyoto Protocol Non-Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms, published as part of the Leiden series.

Goldberg on CIEL's proposed compliance fund
Hargrave speaks on compliance with Article 3

Conference participants enjoy the COP President and Executive Secretary's reception.

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