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Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
The Hague, The Netherlands; 13 - 24 November 2000

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Highlights from Monday, 20 November:

Delegates met in a morning Plenary session to consider the reports of the UNFCCC subsidiary bodies and organizational matters. Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands then joined participants to hear speeches by Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok and French President Jacques Chirac. 

In the afternoon, delegates heard statements from observer States, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and UN bodies. In addition, an informal high-level Plenary meeting of ministers and senior officials, chaired by COP-6 President Jan Pronk, met late afternoon to begin negotiations at the ministerial level by hearing statements on outstanding issues.
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Above photo (L-R): H.E. Jacques Chirac President of France, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, H.E. Wim Kok Prime Minister of the Netherlands and UN Under-Secretary General Nitin Desai

 Plenary: Report of the Subsidiary Bodies

 Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA): COP-6 President Pronk opened the Plenary meeting and invited SBSTA Chair Harald Dovland to present the results of SBSTA’s 12th and 13th sessions. Chair Dovland reported that one agreed draft decision was being forwarded by the SBSTA to the COP for adoption, in addition to eight SBSTA draft decisions and four joint draft decisions of the subsidiary bodies for further consideration by the COP. The decision put forward for adoption is on Protocol Article 5.1 (national systems). Chair Dovland also identified key outstanding issues on the other draft decisions.

Real Audio of SBSTA Chair Harald Dovland presenting the results of the 12th and 13th sessions of SBSTA.

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Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI): John Ashe, Chair of the SBI, reported on the outcome of the work of the SBI during its 12th and 13th sessions. He took note of a draft resolution from SB-12 in June 2000 expressing solidarity with certain countries in Southern Africa, in particular Mozambique, following the devastation caused by Cyclone Eline, as well as a draft decision on the dates of the sessions of the subsidiary bodies for the year 2004. He then introduced the conclusions of SB-13, and the draft decisions transmitted to the COP.

Real Audio of the SBI Report by Chair John Ashe 

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Above photo (L-R): SBI Chair John Ashe in a light discussion with UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer 

Plenary Address:

Wim Kok, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, drew attention to the dike built by concerned citizens in front of the Congress Center where this meeting is taking place, and said he appreciated its symbolic signficance. He said the Netherlands would achieve half of its emissions reduction target of 6% through domestic measures, and half through the mechanisms. On developing countries and development cooperation, he said the Netherlands would commit 200 million Dutch Guilders for adaptation measures and capacity building, which would be additional to previously agreed contributions.


Real Audio of Prime Minister Kok's
plenary address:

Jacques Chirac, President of France, said he had come to The Hague with a sense of urgency to make progress. He stated that since 1992, Parties had fallen too far behind in taking actions to combat climate change, and cautioned against further delays. Suggesting that �everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move� in negotiations, he highlighted that the US produces a quarter of the world�s emissions, and that the per capita US levels of emissions are three times higher than those of France. He called on the US to join other industrialized nations in making a successful transition to an energy-efficient economy.

Real Audio of President Chirac's
plenary address

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Right photo: President Jacques Chirac of France delivering his plenary address this morning
Statements by Observer States, IGOS, NGOS and UN Bodies

UNEP Executive Director Klaus T�pfer, urged developed countries to make a prompt start in reducing their emissions under the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

Real Audio of
UNEP Executive Director Klaus T�pfer's plenary address 

The UN DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS stressed the importance of maintaining the broader principles of sustainable development within climate negotiations, and warned delegates against making these discussions too complex and technical for those outside to understand the process.

Real Audio of the speech to follow
Right photo: UN Under-Secretary General Nitin Desai delivering his plenary address late this afternoon

The GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT FACILITY (GEF) affirmed its commitment to fully incorporate the outcomes of the COP into its efforts.

Real Audio of Mohammed El-Ashry's  (CEO of Global Environment Facility) plenary address

Hamdallah Zedan (Executive Secretary) CONVENTION ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY SECRETARIAT urged Parties to ensure that LULUCF activities are consistent with, and supportive of, maintaining biodiversity.

Real Audio of Hamdallah Zedan's plenary address

Ms. Maritta Koch-Weser, Director General of IUCNThe WORLD CONSERVATION UNION (IUCN) expressed concern with the slow pace of negotiations. 

Real Audio of Ms. Maritta Koch-Weser plenary address 

Press Conference: 

 (Photo L-R) US Senators Chuck Hagle (R-Idaho) and Larry Craig (R-Nebraska) held a press conference this afternoon, and after initial statements answered questions from the press.

Sen. Hagel's statement to the press:

Sen. Craig's statement to the press:

"What does the US want with regards to mechanisms?"

"Are sinks an 'elitist' issue, or are members of your constituency talking about them?"

"Given the degree of scientific uncertainty surrounding climate change, should the US be involved in these negotiations at all?"

Extended Photo Coverage of COP-6

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