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Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
The Hague, The Netherlands; 13 - 24 November 2000

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Highlights from Thursday, 23 November:

Delegates (right photo) met late morning for an informal high-level Plenary session to receive briefings on Wednesday night’s negotiations. This session was followed in the afternoon by bilateral and multilateral informal consultations. Shortly before 8:00 pm, a note by COP-6 President Pronk was distributed outlining proposals to assist in moving towards a “package deal” on outstanding issues, and early Friday morning, delegates reconvened for a short informal Plenary to be briefed by President Pronk.

 Informal High Level Plenary and Consultations: Box A
 to the GEF   

Co-facilitators Ministers Mabudhafasi and Auken reported that there had been some progress on technology transfer and capacity building, while questions on the financial issue remained. On adverse effects, Minister Auken said there was deadlock on key issues, and that assistance from contact group co-chairs Salamat and Kjellén had been requested. He also said a separate EU proposal on financial issues had been presented and that, along with the proposal submitted by the Umbrella Group, there was substantial material on which to negotiate.

Left photo: H.E. Minister Svend Auken (Denmark) making an intervention during the informal high-level plenary


Co-facilitator Minister Kawaguchi said there were too many issues to deal with.  She said agreement was near on details relating to the CDM, including: financial additionality; fast track on small projects; use of share of proceeds from CDM for adaptation; environmental additionality; no list for project eligibility. Composition of the Executive Board and its relationship with the COP/MOP remained undecided. She noted progress on emissions trading, registries and participation, but indicated that no agreement had been reached on liability. On the cross-cutting issues, she stated that there was agreement on eligibility of Annex I Parties to use mechanisms, but disagreement on how to use share of proceeds, as well as on fungibility and supplementarity.

Above photo (L-R): H.E. Siv Fridleifsdottir (Iceland) in discussions with  H.E. Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi (Japan) at the informal high-level plenary 
H.E. Minister Julia Carabias Lillo (Mexico) said the informal group on LULUCF had split into two sub-groups the night before, with one group focusing on the analysis of Article 3.4 (additional activities), and the other on the inclusion of LULUCF activities under the CDM.  On the work of the former, she said ideas had been discussed for discounting some elements, such as pre-1990 carbon uptake. On the latter, she reported a common view within the group on the need to address permanence, and that discussions had focused on the possibility for further SBSTA consideration, with IPCC input, on this matter. She said approaches for a first pilot phase of limited LULUCF projects had been considered.  She said the LULUCF group had now reached its limits, and there was little prospect of convergence.

Right photo:
H.E. Minister Julia Carabias Lillo (Mexico) reporting on progress from the informal group on LULUCF 

H.E. Minister Siri Bjerke
reported on the work carried out in the informal small groups. On Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information), she said text on reporting under Protocol Articles 10 (existing commitments) and 11 (financial mechanism) had been elaborated, and the only bracket remaining in the decision on Article 8 related to the composition of the expert review teams. She said further brackets remained on issues that were dependent on the outcome of other groups. On demonstrable progress, she said the group had converged around the idea that reporting should take place in 2005, as a report separate from national communications.


Right photo: (middle) H.E. Siri Bjerke presenting her report during the informal high-level plenary.

The G-77/CHINA noted that developing countries have the highest stakes in these negotiations, and that the total packages as in the Buenos Aires Plan of Action would need to be reflected.

Right photo: H.E. Alhaji Sani Zangon Daura speaking on behalf of the the G77/China during a press briefing yesterday evening.

On the way forward, President Pronk (left) reassured delegates that the state of negotiations today did not represent a set-back, just “stagnation.” He noted the need for a break-through, and stressed the crucial role of ministers in the informal groups.

Note by the President 

Shortly before 8:00 pm, a Note by the President of COP-6 was distributed to delegates. The Note was presented as an attempt by President Pronk to provide a basis for further negotiations so as to generate momentum, which he believed had stalled

The note states that it addresses key unresolved issues contained in the documents transmitted to the COP by the subsidiary bodies at the close of their thirteenth sessions on 18 November. It also draws on ideas emerging during the course of negotiations, and takes into account the “state of play” at the conclusion of the four informal sub-groups launched on 21 November. The note does not address outstanding issues relating to Protocol Articles 5, 7 and 8, suggesting these can be resolved once other issues have been dealt with. It addresses outstanding issues in four sections based on the “clusters” or “boxes” that formed the basis for negotiations during the previous few days.

Above photo: Delegates are in a rush to get the Presiden's note at the documentation area

Press Conference:

H.E. Frank Loy (USA)
gave a press briefing outlining the proposal for new funding for developing countries by the US and its partners in the Umbrella Group. 

The G77/China met with the press and expressed their disappointment with the way developed countries provide funding to developing countries' climate change efforts. 


Left photo (L-R): H.E Alhaji Sani Zangon Daura (Nigeria), H.E. Suresh Prabhu (India) and H.E. Rejoice Mabudafhasi (South Africa)

Extended Photo Coverage of COP-6

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