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UNFCCC Workshop on Procedures and
Mechanisms Relating to Compliance
Under the Kyoto Protocol
Bonn, Germany; 1-3 March 2000
The Workshop on Compliance under the Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) was held from 1-3 March 2000 at the Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn, Germany. The Workshop was designed to assist in the development of elements of procedures and mechanisms relating to a compliance system for in-depth consideration at forthcoming meetings of the Joint Working Group on Compliance (JWG). The workshop was organized by the FCCC Secretariat and the Co-Chairs of the JWG. Eighty-one participants attended the workshop, including representatives of governments, inter-governmental organizations (IGOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Participants heard presentations and discussed various issues related to the creation of a compliance system under the Protocol including: linkages between Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information) and the compliance system; institutional design; outcomes or consequences of non-compliance or potential non-compliance; general provisions; and a framework. On the basis of discussions during the workshop as well as their working paper resulting from the consultations held in Montreux in February, the Co-Chairs will endeavor to develop a text that could form the basis for negotiations at the twelfth session of the subsidiary bodies (SB-12).

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary of this workshop now available (and in PDF and ASCII)

The submissions from Parties, to be discussed at this meeting, can be found at http://www.unfccc.de/wnew/sbsc2wp.pdf


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Mr. Khalid Abuleif presents the submission from Saudi Arabia on the design of a compliance system
Mr. Denis Tirpak from the FCCC Secretariat presents compliance related issues in the work on Protocol Articles 5 (methodologies), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information)
Ms. Midori Tani presents the Japanese submission on the institutional design of a compliance system
Co-Chair Ambassodor Tuiloma Neroni Slade opens the workshop with Co-Chair Harald Dovland
Ms. Christine Zumkeller from the FCCC Secretariat presents issues related to compliance under mechanisms
Ms. Annie Petsonk from Environmental Defense makes a presentation on incentives for sovereign accountability and compliance
Mr. Nuno Lacasta, Portugal, presents the EU proposal on the design of a compliance system
Mr. David Finnegan from the Edison Electric Institute presents his views on a compliance system
Ms. Jan Corfee-Morlot from the OECD makes a presentation on linkages between compliance, mechanisms and Protocol Articles 5 (methodologies), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information)
Mr. Jacob Werksman , Samoa, presents the AOSIS submission on the design of a compliance system
Ms. Catherine Raper presents  the Australian submission on the design of a compliance system

Funding for coverage of this meeting provided by the Government of The Netherlands

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